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The Express Hiring Process

Over the past few years, Express Employment Professionals has put more than a million people to work. And we’re on a mission to help a million more. Finding the right jobs for the right people is what we do best.

How It Works

After you’ve applied with us either in person or online at, you can be scheduled for an interview. Following the interview process, Express will try to find a job that fits your skill set and qualifications. Our staffing consultants will get to know you and seek to make the hiring process quick and easy. Express works hard to find new employment opportunities for applicants on a daily basis. To hear real life experiences from associates, check out this video about how Express has helped get them to work.

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Interviewing at Express

Searching for a job on your own can be very time consuming. Going through numerous applications and trying to find a job that fits your skill set can take a while. Not to mention the added stress of the interview process. Express Employment Professionals is here to help. Finding the right job for the right person is what we do best. Throughout the past few years, Express has put more than a million people to work. And we’re on a mission to help a million more.

After applying at an Express office or online at, you may be scheduled for an interview. If you have any questions about what to wear, bring, or how to prepare, we have the answers.

To help you better prepare for your next interview, check out this video for some quick and easy tips.

Do’s and Don’ts for Dirty Santa

dirty_santa_Dec2013As the Christmas season quickly approaches, many people are preparing for holiday parties and events. Preparing for Christmas parties can be stressful, but choosing which games to play, or which gifts to give, shouldn’t be. If you’re thinking about exchanging gifts at your work Christmas party, keep in mind that everyone may not have the same budget or allowance for gifts. Dirty Santa, White Elephant and Secret Santa are fun and easy options that won’t break anyone’s piggy bank. It allows people to get creative with gift ideas and it’s interactive so everyone can join in on the fun.

If your office is planning on playing games at your Christmas party this year, here are some do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind:

1. Do bring a gift within the price range. Don’t feel obligated to spend the exact amount at the upper end of the limit, but be reasonable so no one feels cheated.

2. Don’t forget that Christmas parties are company events, so you should act accordingly, even if others aren’t being professional. Keep in mind your company culture and workplace etiquette.

3. Do go to the Christmas party! Make an appearance, spend time with your co-workers, play games, and have fun. Remember your leadership has planned the party and worked hard to make you feel appreciated.

4. Don’t bring a questionable gift. (Anything that could embarrass you or a co-worker isn’t a good idea.)

5. Do thank the people who hosted the event. Let them know you appreciate them taking the time to plan everything.

If you’re new to your workplace, ask around to see how things have gone at previous Christmas parties. For more Dirty Santa rules, check out this great article from CareerBuilder.

What are some rules you play by with work-related gift giving? Share with us in the comments section below.

The Express Application Process

If you need assistance finding a job, we can help! Applying at Express Employment Professionals is quick and easy. You can apply in person or online at

What We Do

Express offers a variety of work assignments from part-time to full-time in a variety of industries.

All Express offices are individually owned and serve businesses in their local communities. With a network of more than 650 locally owned offices, Express will help discover jobs in your area that fit your skills and qualifications as well as your availability. Whether you apply online or in person, your information is only seen by the office that you submit it to.

Don’t fall through the cracks. It’s important to follow up with an Express representative once you’ve submitted your application to make sure it was received and to find out if they have any initial questions.

It’s Free and Easy

During the past few years, Express Employment Professionals has put more than a million people to work. And we’re on a mission to help a million more.

Want to know if Express has a job that’s right for you? Contact your local Express office today. It’s free and easy.

Check out this video to learn more.

3 Surprising Jobs that Pay Big Bucks

Suprising_Jobs_Big_Bucks_Dec2013_new_webIf you’re looking for a job that’s in high demand, growing industries that will allow you to work your way  to the top, or a chance to advance your career, we have exciting information for you. Here are the average salaries of three jobs that can surprisingly pay big bucks.


CDL Truck Driver

A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a key that can open many doors to professional opportunities. If you enjoy driving, traveling, and working alone, truck driving may be a great job opportunity for you to consider. Each state has its own set of application procedures and training regulations. The testing tends to be strenuous and includes both written and a three-part skills exam. If you’re interested in getting a CDL, visit to learn more.


Do you like the idea of working outdoors? Traveling? Gaining new skills? There’s more than likely a welding job for you! Welding is a part of just about everything you see every day: the car you drive, the bridge you drove over this morning, the school you pass by every day, and much more. Career options for welders include: work in the oil and gas industry, manufacturing, commercial construction, mining, agriculture, wholesale trade, and repair and maintenance. From the tallest skyscrapers to appliances that help make our lives easier, welders play a critical role in keeping our economy moving. If you have math and science skills, or if you’re going to college to become a welding engineer, you can have a long lasting career, making a competitive salary. If you don’t have previous experience, that’s ok!  Some vo-tech schools provide training courses that are affordable and last anywhere from 12-45 weeks. You can also find schools that solely focus on welding.

CNC Machinist

If you’re not familiar with machinery you may not know anything about Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinists or what they do. Computer Numerical Control machinists use programs to automatically execute a series of operations. CNC machines offer increased productivity and flexibility for companies. Everything that an operator would be required to do with conventional machine tools is programmable with a CNC machine.  They are normally found in machine shops, but with recent development of inexpensive controllers, are now showing up more commonly in home shops. CNC machines are often part of the machining process when products of high quantity are needed. For example, CNC machines produce precision parts for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.

To become a CNC machinist the first requirement is to complete a post-secondary education program. These programs are available from a wide range of community and career colleges. Candidates are required to complete a training program before applying for a job. Classes for full-time students are 16 months and for part-time students are 29 months.

Have you or someone you know experienced success with one of these careers? Share your story with us in the comments section below.

What are your job market predictions for 2014? Take our poll:

Although business and consumer confidence took a hit this past year with the partial government shutdown, the news for 2014 is not all doom and gloom.

A study on the job market by Forbes anticipates moderate growth for 2014. Job opportunities are expected to start perking up towards the middle of next year.

With 2013 coming to a close, we want to know your thoughts and what you expect in the 2014 job market. If you have your own prediction, share it in the comments section below.