Mom’s Job Search Tips

Mother knows best

Whether it’s swooping in to brush a child’s stray hair out of place, reminding the kids to shut the refrigerator door, or dispensing some of her legendary advice, mom helps to keep the world keep turning. That’s why we just celebrated Mother’s Day, after all.

But what would mom say about your approach to the job search if she were an expert recruiter? Here are some of our favorite Mom-isms, as applied to finding a job.

  1. Clean your room

If you want to impress recruiters, your resume should be squeaky clean. If you have out-of-date positions lying around, like entry-level jobs that have little to do with your career, file those away in favor of more relevant and recent job experience.

  1. Play nice and make friends

Networking is one of the most important parts of the job search. There could be a job opening perfect for you that you’ll never hear about because you don’t know the right people. Joining a few networking or professional groups can pay off big time. Just remember not to force relationships—if you’re friendly, professional, and stay true to yourself, you’re sure to make new connections.

  1. Study hard

When you get an interview, make sure to research the company. You should know where you fit into their company culture, as well as a few of their recent projects. Use that knowledge to create a list of questions to ask your interviewer—the more informed you are, the more memorable you’ll be. So, get out there and grab that A+!

  1. Brush your hair

You don’t have to wear a suit for every interview (when in doubt ask your interviewer), but you want to put your best foot forward as far as your outfit is concerned. First impressions are important after all! Make sure your outfit is neat and tidy.

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself

The job search is hard work, and not every day is going to be successful. Sometimes you’ll get interviews, and sometimes you won’t. But don’t lose hope. Take occasional breaks if the negativity starts to get to you. You’ve got this.

  1. Don’t run with scissors

Okay, we don’t have a correlation between running with scissors and your job search, but it’s sound wisdom all the same.

Thanks for the advice mom! We won’t let you down.

Do you have any advice from your mom that helped you with your job search? Let us know in the comments section below!

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