Poll Results: How Hard Will It Be to Find a Job in 2021?

The job market changed across the country in 2020, with many job seekers having to change their approach to the hunt.

We wanted to know how difficult our readers expected finding a job to be in 2021, so we conducted a poll to find out.

The Results

  • Forty-two percent of respondents say finding a job in 2021 would be “somewhat difficult.”
  • Twenty-six percent think it will be “somewhat easy.”
  • Another 26% believe it will be “hard.”
  • Just 6% believe it will be “easy.”

What Does It Mean?

It’s no surprise that many job seekers would expect it to be somewhat difficult to find a job in 2021. However, in a press release put out by Express Employment Professionals, 46% of hiring decision makers said they planned to increase their company’s number of employees, up from 31% a year ago.

This means 46% of business leaders are expecting to increase hiring in 2021, while only 32% of job seekers expect finding a job will be easy to some degree. Although finding a job always requires effort, these statistics tell us it might be easier to find a job in 2021 than you might think.

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Do you have any thoughts on what the 2021 Job Search might look like? Let us know in the comments section below!

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