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Poll Results: Top Factors that Make Your Work Fulfilling

Do you find your job enjoyable? Why does your job make you happy?

In July, we asked our readers to list the top factors that made their work fulfilling. Here’s what you had to say:

With 16%, the top answer to the monthly poll was “You feel like your work makes a difference/is meaningful,” followed by “Ability to provide for your family,” with 11%. With another 11% of the votes, readers said the “Ability to use their skills/expertise,” while 10% of respondents cited “Supportive leadership/boss” as a top factor that makes their work fulfilling.

The rest of the results are as follows:

  • “You have a high level of work-life balance” (10%)
  • “Great co-worker relationships” (9%)
  • “Overall positive company culture” (9%)
  • “You feel like you’re growing/developing” (8%)
  • “Belief in the company’s values/mission” (6%)
  • “Performance recognition from leadership/managers/colleagues” (4%)
  • “Interesting/unique projects” (4%)

Another 2% of respondents chose the “other” option. Here are a few of their responses:

  • “Ability to help others and influence positive change.”
  • “Making what I feel is a good salary.”
  • “Gives me purpose.”
  • “It’s my amazing supportive co-workers. We make it fun despite the toxic work environment.”
  • “Fun and exciting.”
  • “Variety of tasks.”
  • “There is nothing that makes my work fulfilling at my current job anymore.”

What are some other factors that make your work fulfilling? What doesn’t make your work fulfilling?

Let us know in the comments section below!

How to Focus on Self to Better Lead Others Using the SOAR Model

While there are many different types of leadership, the practice of self-leadership may be the most important style to not only build up oneself but also to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves.

One model that helps individuals focus on self-leadership is the SOAR method. Developed by Tony Gambill and Scott Carbonara and highlighted in their book Getting It Right When It Matters Most, the SOAR model for self-leadership highlights four areas of focus: Self, Outlook, Action, and Reflection. (more…)

On the Job Podcast: All Season 6 Episodes Available for Streaming!

Need a podcast to listen to on your way to work or on your lunch break?

The full season of the Express Employment Professionals’ On the Job podcast is now available for streaming!

During this season, we focused on how people and businesses are getting back to work. Let’s call it “The Great Transformation.” Employers need people to work more than ever, and we’ll be hearing from people navigating this new normal for themselves as they find their life’s work.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen or if you missed an episode, you may catch up on all eight episodes below! (more…)

Job Offer Rescinded: How to Handle A Pulled Job Opportunity

Nothing could be more discouraging than having high expectations for a job that you’ve applied for, gone through multiple rounds of interviews, and eagerly accepted or had interest in taking, only to find out that your prospective employer has withdrawn the offer.

Candidates in a variety of industries have reported employers rescinding job offers during the post-pandemic era. What should you do if your job offer has been withdrawn? We want to help you with next steps. (more…)

Returning to Work as a Boomerang Employee

The Great Resignation drove millions of workers to leave their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic but now, some workers are returning to the companies they left garnering the nickname “boomerang employees.”

Employees returning to the jobs they quit or were let go from isn’t a new concept, but the trend is gaining traction. If you want to return to your old workplace, here are a few things to consider before accepting a boomerang offer. (more…)

Question of the Month: What are the Biggest Barriers to Employment for Job Seekers?

There are plenty of job openings right now, but companies are having a difficult time hiring. There’s no doubt we’re in a job seekers market, but could there be roadblocks standing in the way of their next job opportunity?

We want to know, what are some of the biggest barriers job seekers are facing today?

Let us know by voting in our poll! (more…)