3 Surprising Jobs that Pay Big Bucks

Suprising_Jobs_Big_Bucks_Dec2013_new_webIf you’re looking for a job that’s in high demand, growing industries that will allow you to work your way  to the top, or a chance to advance your career, we have exciting information for you. Here are the average salaries of three jobs that can surprisingly pay big bucks.


CDL Truck Driver

A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a key that can open many doors to professional opportunities. If you enjoy driving, traveling, and working alone, truck driving may be a great job opportunity for you to consider. Each state has its own set of application procedures and training regulations. The testing tends to be strenuous and includes both written and a three-part skills exam. If you’re interested in getting a CDL, visit dmv.org to learn more.


Do you like the idea of working outdoors? Traveling? Gaining new skills? There’s more than likely a welding job for you! Welding is a part of just about everything you see every day: the car you drive, the bridge you drove over this morning, the school you pass by every day, and much more. Career options for welders include: work in the oil and gas industry, manufacturing, commercial construction, mining, agriculture, wholesale trade, and repair and maintenance. From the tallest skyscrapers to appliances that help make our lives easier, welders play a critical role in keeping our economy moving. If you have math and science skills, or if you’re going to college to become a welding engineer, you can have a long lasting career, making a competitive salary. If you don’t have previous experience, that’s ok!  Some vo-tech schools provide training courses that are affordable and last anywhere from 12-45 weeks. You can also find schools that solely focus on welding.

CNC Machinist

If you’re not familiar with machinery you may not know anything about Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinists or what they do. Computer Numerical Control machinists use programs to automatically execute a series of operations. CNC machines offer increased productivity and flexibility for companies. Everything that an operator would be required to do with conventional machine tools is programmable with a CNC machine.  They are normally found in machine shops, but with recent development of inexpensive controllers, are now showing up more commonly in home shops. CNC machines are often part of the machining process when products of high quantity are needed. For example, CNC machines produce precision parts for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.

To become a CNC machinist the first requirement is to complete a post-secondary education program. These programs are available from a wide range of community and career colleges. Candidates are required to complete a training program before applying for a job. Classes for full-time students are 16 months and for part-time students are 29 months.

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Although business and consumer confidence took a hit this past year with the partial government shutdown, the news for 2014 is not all doom and gloom.

A study on the job market by Forbes anticipates moderate growth for 2014. Job opportunities are expected to start perking up towards the middle of next year.

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Job Search Success Simplified

This Thanksgiving Express is very thankful for our dedicated and hardworking associates across the nation. We feel so blessed to get to do what we love everyday – making a difference in people’s lives by helping them find work.

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End of Year Reader Survey

2014_Annuel_Readers_Survey_Nov2013As we plan for 2014, we want to know more about you. To ensure we continue to provide content that is useful for you in 2014, we’d like to know what topics you want to hear about, where you are in the job search, what made you visit our blog, and more.

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It’s Not Always the More the Merrier, Stay Safe this Season

morethemerrier_Nov2013Retailers increase staff, stock, and hopefully, customers during the holiday season. Although this is great for job seekers and businesses alike, the jump in activity also means a jump in potential hazards.  Retail employers need to vigilantly ensure the workplace is properly staffed and organized, and that employees are not rushing to complete all tasks to the exclusion of basic safety. You should report any unsafe condition, and supervisors should be instructed to recognize hazardous conditions and respond to them in a manner that supports employee and public safety.

The obvious hazards associated with the season are ones we talk about every day: ergonomic issues leading to numbness and pain as with carpel tunnel syndrome or other muscle and joint problems, or neck and back strain due to heavy lifting. You can protect yourself by using proper lifting techniques, avoiding twisting and reaching overhead as much as possible, and by communicating difficulties to your supervisors. Employers can help by providing well-designed work spaces, appropriate equipment for lifting awkward or oddly shaped loads, and keeping staff at proper levels to promote a safe place for employees.

Since a worker’s death in 2008 when a throng of Black Friday customers stormed a retail establishment and crushed an employee, crowd safety has also come to the forefront during this time. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a site dedicated to helping retail employers manage crowds on special event days like Black Friday. The overall message is to plan, communicate to employees, and to customers before opening, and have an emergency response procedure in place.Check out the link to OSHA’s guide for retailers here.

Lastly, an easily overlooked safety concern is the increased hazards to the public shopping in the aisles of retail establishments. With stocking activity much higher during business hours, tasks m ay be in close proximity to customers. Consumers are exposed to more equipment and stock on the sales floor and stocking activity over their heads and feet. Stay safe by moving merchandise and equipment through stores with the help of someone to direct traffic on the aisles, stock heavier items on lower shelves, and stay aware of the special hazards associated with customer interaction.
Everyone must work together during the holiday season to ensure all go home healthy and happy to celebrate with their friends and family.

Job Opportunities at Express

Over the past few years, Express Employment Professionals has put over a million people to work. And we’re on a mission to help a million more. We help find the right jobs for the right people. Recently an Express office in Springfield, IL named Pam Gibbons their employee of the month. Her boss, the owner of the Springfield office, Jim Britton, stated, “Pam Gibbons has been a wonderful asset to the Springfield, IL office for almost two years. She is always pleasant and makes a good first impression when she is covering the reception desk and answering the phones. She has a positive attitude and willingly takes on any task assigned.” Pam Gibbons tackles easy and complex tasks with the same exuberant resolve.  She is not afraid to ask questions and offer ideas on how to execute certain types of activities to make the best use of time and resources. Pam carries a lot of responsibility.

Just like Pam, Express may be able to help you. At Express, we provide temporary to long-term, part-time to full-time, and entry-level to executive-level positions. Whether you’re a machine operator or an accountant, Express is about helping as many people as possible find good jobs.

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Facebook and the Job Search

FB_Job_Search_Nov2013A recent CareerBuilder study shows three out of five companies use social media to screen potential candidates during the hiring process. Of those companies, 43 percent said they have found information that factored into their decision not to hire a candidate. This information shows just how important your social media profile is in the job searching process. From the moment you start looking for a job and throughout your career, your social media profiles can be important in finding and keeping a job.

Secure Your Facebook

With 1.2 billion active monthly Facebook users who can easily use the new Graph Search tool to see every picture you’ve posted or learn about you, it’s smart to make sure that what you post is seen only by who you want to see it, not by the world. If you click the privacy button in the top right corner of your Facebook home page you can customize your security and privacy settings, which lets you share your life and all your information with friends and everyone else, or keep it all private.

Clean Up Your Facebook

View the updates you’ve recently shared and remove anything that could be controversial or questionable if viewed by a potential future employer. If you have inappropriate content, remove it, because it can affect whether or not you’re considered for a job.

Keep it Professional

Maybe this whole concept of using Facebook and social media in the job search is foreign to you, or maybe you’ve been using social media for a while for personal use, staying in touch with friends, or to further your career. For whatever reason, it is in your best interest to keep your social media sites as professional as possible, because you never know when an interested employer could be researching you.

Has Facebook helped you land a job, or has it hurt your job search or worse, got you fired? Share with us in the comments section below.