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You Can Be Part of Brand It Blue Day

On Saturday, June 13, Express Employment Professionals offices across North America will gather together for Brand It Blue Day. The event is a day of service aimed to help in the fight against hunger, and you can be a part of it! Why Is It Important? Summer is an especially difficult time of year for […]

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Brand It Blue Day Provided More Than 55,000 Meals

On Saturday, June 14, in communities across North America, Express Employment Professionals offices came together to serve and give back as part of the second annual Brand It Blue Day. More than 200 Express offices, from California to North Carolina to Canada joined with 1,000 volunteers to provide more than 55,000 meals for those in […]

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Hot Fields Hiring Non-College Grads

Matching personal skills and abilities with open jobs can be a frustrating task for job seekers. But if you’re curious about what your top options might be without a college degree, read on. A recent survey of Express Employment Professional’s franchises uncovered the top hiring fields for workers without college degrees. The industrial job category […]

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Reading and Your Career

Whether you consider yourself a bookworm or prefer to stick to comic strips and movies, your ability to read is a privilege – a privilege that more than 780 million adults across the globe lack. Nearly two-thirds of those illiterate adults are women, and an additional 94 to 115 million children won’t receive an education […]

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Supreme Court Redefines Workplace Discrimination

Two recent decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court have set a new precedent for future allegations of employment discrimination. According to USA Today, in a 5-4 decision, the Court ruled “that workplace discrimination can only be pinned on a supervisor who has the ability to hire and fire, rather than merely direct work assignments.” The […]

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Millennial Job Hoppers

Infographic: Job Jumps and Career Changes

The millennial generation was born, raised, and influenced by technology. Just as quickly as technology changes and evolves, the focus of millennials also changes as new information and opportunities are continually made available to them.  And, according to Forbes, they’re the same way in their careers. Check out this infographic from Notre Dame Online outlining […]

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Least and Common Jobs in U.S.

The 10 Most- and Least-Common Jobs in the US

Did you know that there are more than 4 million retail sales workers in the U.S.? That’s enough people to populate some of the smaller states in the country. There are also only 310 prosthodontists in the U.S., which is probably smaller than your high school graduating class. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released […]

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Best and Worst Jobs 2013

What Are the Best and Worst Jobs of 2013? New Survey Shows Surprising Results

I remember sitting in journalism school listening to countless professors, guest speakers, and journalists telling me that I’d better love the news, because I’ll be miserable working there. While my concentration wasn’t in news or media, I never understood why working for a newspaper would be that bad. I interned at a magazine and it […]

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Giving thanks Thanksgiving

Give Thanks This Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, shift your focus beyond the workplace or the job market, but to focus inwardly and reflect on the past and where you are today. Even if you are dealing with long periods of unemployment or an unsatisfying work environment, there are opportunities you can still be thankful for and you can use […]

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Doctor Who's Guide to Job Searching

Doctor Who’s Guide to Job Searching Across Space and Time

Allons-y and Geronimo job seekers! If you’re not familiar with Doctor Who, it’s the longest-running science-fiction TV program of all time. With nearly 800 episodes, the show has been on British television since 1963. The story is about The Doctor, an eccentric alien who befriends companions from Earth to travel across space and time in […]

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