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Read This, Write That. Matching Your Resume to the Job Description

By Ashley Turley If you want to get noticed by potential employers, sending out your resume to anyone without tailoring it won’t cut it anymore. Not only are you now in competition with more job seekers, but chances are, your resume will first be filtered through a scanning program that will determine if an actual […]

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Are You Networking Hard or Hardly Netting Work?

Have you ever heard, “It’s all about who you know?” It’s especially true when it comes to job seeking. Many open positions aren’t posted on job boards or classified ads, but are sent throughout the organization to see if anyone knows of a qualified candidate through their network. According to The Wall Street Journal, 94% […]

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Soft Skills Make or Break Careers

Soft Skills Can Make or Break Your Career

After working so hard to get that new job, have you ever felt that little voice in your head tell you to take it easy and check out because the hard part is over? Sometimes, it’s your intangible skills that determine whether you get the job, keep your job, or get promoted. In the book […]

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Prepping for an interview

The Great Job Interview Prep-Off!

Two job seekers compete, but only one will get the job offer. One uses practice and punctuality, while the other uses laziness and loitering. In this game of job searching, the difference between getting an offer and getting rejected is not only about being mentally ready, but also looking ready. The National Association of Colleges […]

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Different ways to find a job

Find a Job Like Detective Ace Jobseeker

The days of graduating, posting a resume online, and sitting back while you wait for recruiters and HR representatives to call with job offers are gone. Gone like a host of sparrows escaping the winter months. Odds are, you’ll be scratching up dough at 11 different jobs by the time you’re 44. With all that […]

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