No two “job journeys” are alike, so it’s important to gather information from a variety of resources as you build your path from hired to retired. Check out these articles for more great information to help guide your job search, learn tips for developing important workplace skills, or boost your career to the next level.


Job Search

Best Low-Stress, High-Paying Jobs
U.S. News and World Report
“While there is no guarantee of a stress-free work environment, the following 10 jobs all have below-average stress levels based upon interviews and extensive research by staff at U.S. News & World Report.”

Protect Your Resume From Age Discrimination
SimplyHired Blog
“Here are three tips to help you craft your resume in such a way so as to not let your age define your qualifications before the recruiter even agrees to meet with you.”

6 Great Jobs You Can Get with an Online Degree
U.S. News and World Report
“Online learning can do two things: It can lead to advancement in an existing profession, or it can lead to a completely new profession,” says Leah K. Matthews, executive director of the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.”

The Top-Rated Workplaces in 2019
Indeed Blog
“Today, almost everyone looks at online reviews before trying something new. It’s an unquestionable part of how we make decisions on everything from where to eat to what to watch — even where to work.”


On the Job

The Rise of the ‘Minternship’ – Mid-Career Internships
“While the premise may seem comical and unlikely, it’s becoming more common for experienced professionals to push pause on their current career track, and accept an internship that allows them to steer towards a new direction.”

Are You Going Through a Mid-Career Crisis?
“When a mid-career crisis occurs, it certainly impacts your personal life and resolving that career crisis will often cure what otherwise ails you.”

Why Benefits Batter Just as Much as Your Salary
“If you’re considering two different opportunities that you’re equally excited about, you’re more likely to go with the one that pays more. But remember, compensation doesn’t refer to earnings alone.”

10 Ways to Beomce a Better Leader
Work It Daily
“With a combination of technical know-how and valuable leadership qualities, you can get promotions easily and be regarded as an important asset to the company. Here are a few tips that can help you become a better leader.”


Interview Tips

3 Things to Convey In Your Job Interview
Work It Daily
“While your resume may have impressed the hiring manager and helped you get your foot in the door, now you really have to bring home those points on the resume in person.”



US Growth Could Be Weakest in More Than Two Years but Latest Data Might Not Affect Fed’s Next Move
“The U.S. economy is expected to have grown in the second quarter at the slowest pace in more than two years, but the data will have little bearing on the Fed when it holds its rates meeting next week.”

Fed Will Likely Cut Rates Again, But It Won’t Have Much Impact on the Economy
“The Federal Reserve will liekly cut interest rates again this year, but the move won’t have much of an impact on the U.S. economy, closely followed economist Mohamed El-Erian told CNBC [recently.”


Training and Development

Has College Gotten Too Easy?
The Atlantic
“[GPAs are] going up, and as best we can tell, there’s not a good reason that they’re going up, in terms of student behavior or preparation or anything like that,” Denning said.”

Gap Year and Your Career: Take Some Time and Get Ahead
SimplyHired Blog
“One thing that every person should experience in his or her life is a cultural shock or the experience of total confusion at a societal norm that completely challenges the norms of your daily life.”