No two “job journeys” are alike, so it’s important to gather information from a variety of resources as you build your path from hired to retired. Check out these articles for more great information to help guide your job search, learn tips for developing important workplace skills, or boost your career to the next level.


Job Search

16 Low-Stress Jobs
S. News and World Report
“The following professions are among the least-stressful jobs, according to interviews and research conducted by the staff at U.S. News & World Report.”

BBC News Reports on the Future of Job Search
SimplyHired Blog
“By way of update, below we delve into our predictions for the next five to ten years along with a few pointers for how you can get ahead of the trends and capitalize on tech to help find a job, grow your current opportunities, and network your way to career success.”

6 Great Jobs You Can Get with an Online Degree
S. News and World Report
“Online learning can do two things: It can lead to advancement in an existing profession, or it can lead to a completely new profession,” says Leah K. Matthews, executive director of the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.”

The Top-Rated Workplaces in 2019
Indeed Blog
“Today, almost everyone looks at online reviews before trying something new. It’s an unquestionable part of how we make decisions on everything from where to eat to what to watch — even where to work.”


On the Job

How to Develop a Growth Mindset
“Someone with a growth mindset welcomes challenges and views their failures as opportunities to learn and develop.”

5 Ways to Regulate Your Emotions at Work
While the research suggests that strong emotional intelligence can underpin much of our own success, many people still struggle, especially when it comes to regulating their own emotions.

Inside the Gig Economy: The Secret Struggle
“Ravenelle found that the wonderful idea of flexibility – working when you want – is “a bit of a mirage. You assume the work will be there when you want it.”

6 Essential Apps Working Professionals Should Know About
Work It Daily
“Mobile applications, AKA apps, are all the rage. Some are fun, some are convenient, and some make for excellent resources. Here are some basic apps that working professionals may find useful.”


Interview Tips

How To Get An Interview With Limited Work Experience
Work It Daily
“Picture this: you come across a job posting and think, “wow, that’s my DREAM job!” You instantly get excited about this opportunity and start crafting your resume and cover letter. However, when you work on your resume, you realize that you have very little work experience to show off.”



US Growth Could Be Weakest in More Than Two Years but Latest Data Might Not Affect Fed’s Next Move
“The U.S. economy is expected to have grown in the second quarter at the slowest pace in more than two years, but the data will have little bearing on the Fed when it holds its rates meeting next week.”

US Weekly Jobless Claims Fall to a 3-Month Low
“The number of Americans filing applications for unemployment benefits fell to a three-month low last week, pointing to sustained labor market strength even as the economy appears to be losing momentum.”


Training and Development

Has College Gotten Too Easy?
The Atlantic
“[GPAs are] going up, and as best we can tell, there’s not a good reason that they’re going up, in terms of student behavior or preparation or anything like that,” Denning said.”

Gap Year and Your Career: Take Some Time and Get Ahead
SimplyHired Blog
“One thing that every person should experience in his or her life is a cultural shock or the experience of total confusion at a societal norm that completely challenges the norms of your daily life.”