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deserved raise

How to Get the Raise You Deserve

When was your last raise? If it was more than a year ago you may be losing money. In 2006, the U.S. inflation rate was 3.24%. That means goods and services cost more today than last year. The price of gas has increased. Milk costs more. Cable costs more. Everything costs more. If you haven’t […]

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Ugly Uniforms

Ugly Uniforms Deflate Employee Confidence

Last week, I attended a conference at a hotel in Florida where all the employees were dressed in terribly outdated, unattractive uniforms – faded royal purple and turquoise jackets with pleated beige blouses and royal purple pants with pleats and elastic waistbands. I think uniforms in general are fine, especially in customer service jobs. They […]

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Working in the Great Communication Gap

Do you ever feel like you and your boss never exactly see eye to eye? Do you sometimes wish you knew the whole picture so you could understand why you’ve been tasked a certain assignment? Have you ever been blindsided by change that impacted your job or work environment? If so, you know how frustrating […]

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Preparing for a Successful, Less Stressful Trip

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you’re preparing for a business trip? Maybe you’re a seasoned pro and packing for such trips is no big deal. For some, like me, just trying to figure out what you need to bring on a vacation, let alone a business trip, is enough to cause a panic attack. […]

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Can’t Walk and Chew Gum

I reviewed my resume this morning. I’m not looking for another job – I was checking to see if I listed multitasking as a skill set that I possess. Thankfully it was not. Attention everyone, “I stink at multitasking.” At home I can do laundry, prepare dinner, empty the trash and check e-mail. What usually […]

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tattoos at work

Think Before You Ink

Do you remember the episode of Friends in season two when Rachel and Phoebe get tattoos? It was Phoebe’s idea and Rachel had second thoughts, but then follows through and gets a heart tattoo on her hip. Phoebe is scared of the needle and only gets one pin-prick sized blue dot. It’s referred to as […]

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baby boomers jobs

Baby Boomers Keep On Truckin’ in New Careers

Baby Boomers are shaking things up again. While they may not be protesting in the streets or picketing outside schools, their influence is still redefining cultural expectations. An article in this week’s Newsweek magazine focuses on Boomers who are choosing unexpected career paths. According to the article, an increasing number of the 50+ crowd are […]

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harry potter job search

Don’t Make Me Use My Patronus On You

Harry Potter. HARRY Potter. HARRY POTTER. I can’t get away from him. He’s in the paper. He’s on the Internet, my radio and the television. I can’t escape him at the movies or in the bookstore (which I did not brave this weekend). All weekend I was force fed Harry Potter. I wasn’t even safe […]

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What Not to Do When You’re Job Hunting

Countless eager job seekers are going to extremes to stand apart from the crowd. But, their efforts, though well-intentioned, can miss the mark. Last year, one video resume from an aspiring job seeker  became a YouTube sensation when it was posted without his consent after he sent it to several Wall Street recruiters. The resume […]

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Care for a Mint?

Jerry Seinfeld shared the following quote during one of his monologues in season five of Seinfeld. “I really feel as human beings, we need more training in our basic social skills. Conversational Distance. Don’t you hate these people that talk to you – they talk into your mouth like you’re a clown at a drive-through.” […]

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