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the video resume

Video Résumés – Fad or Future?

My résumé is boring. Twenty years of accomplishments condensed on two sheets of ivory parchment. I have all the bases covered: relevant experience, transferable job skills, recent accomplishments and education. Although the information is accurate, it is not a complete picture of who I am, which is why I’m considering creating a video résumé. It […]

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resume to hired

12 Résumé Tips to Get You Hired

Your résumé is your introduction to a prospective employee. What it says, or doesn’t say, will be a major factor in whether you land an interview – the first step to getting the job. To craft a résumé that highlights your strengths and sells your skills, check out the tips below. 1. Tailor your résumé […]

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Pick the Job That’s Right for You

My sister-in-law recently received her bachelor’s degree in nursing and began searching for a job. She was a licensed practical nurse for 12 years prior to her graduation – so she had a lot of experience in her field, which helped her job search. She received several job offers and is having a terrible time […]

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workplace classroom

The Workplace Classroom: Creative Moments Allow Lifelong Learning

Most of the children in my area are starting back to school this week or next – which got me thinking about my own school days. I remember lying awake the night before school started filled with excitement about wearing my new school clothes, meeting my teachers and finding out who I’d sit by in […]

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day off

Call in Well – Take a Vacation Day

I played hooky from work yesterday. It was a planned event, weeks in the making. Coming up with the excuse to call in with was a challenge. My favorite was “I am stuck in the blood pressure machine down at Wal-Mart and the paramedics are on the way.” I didn’t use an excuse. After writing […]

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Wasting Time at Work or Taking a Mental Break?

Have you checked out YouTube today? Did you do it at work? If so, you’re part of 63% of the workforce who’ll admit to wasting time at work. Employees waste 20% of their work day (1.7 hours) according to a survey conducted by Salary.com. Look at it a different way. In a five day work […]

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fraud in your company

Employee Fraud: Investigate Before You Hire

On Monday night, I watched the Dateline episode, “Tangled Web,” about a woman named Sandra Bridewell who was recently arrested on fraud charges. In 1985, Sandra was also the prime suspect in her husband’s death. The Dateline story details how after his death she traveled the country for 20 years using a number of different […]

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7 Questions to Ask an Interviewer

Asking questions is a vital step for any job-seeker in an interview. You may think that asking questions makes you look unprepared, but the opposite is usually true (unless you are unprepared!) Having several specific questions in mind before you go to your interview can ensure that you end the interview giving a good impression. […]

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Ace the Interview by Asking Great Questions

So you’re at the point in the interview where you’ve given your background and qualifications. You’ve demonstrated your people, problem-solving and follow-through skills. The interviewer has asked their questions, and hopefully, you’ve answered their unasked ones. But now, they toss things your way and ask if you have any questions. If you’re like many job […]

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roadblock your raise

Don’t Let a Roadblock Derail Your Raise Negotiation

You’ve done your homework, booked the meeting with your boss and prepared yourself mentally. You’ve made the pitch that you are well deserving of a raise based on your performance, progress toward your goals and value to the organization. Then your boss throws you a curve ball, “So, Peter, what’s happening? Ah, now, are you […]

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