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Your Attitude Could be Costing You the Job

You have the skills, the experience, and the willingness to tackle a new job, but despite having the qualifications, you find yourself coming up short when it comes to job offers. One thing that might be costing you the job could be your attitude. Attitude plays a large role in determining how your co-workers, boss, […]

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Want a Job? These Traits Matter

When it comes to finding a job, there are a lot of factors that make or break your chances. The right education, experience, and network can all help sway a potential employer’s decision. But, what about your skills? Hard skills and soft skills are vital when it comes to your job search. And a recent […]

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Be Thankful: How to Appreciate Your Job

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s a time of year when many people consider all they are thankful for, like family, shelter, and friends. When you count up your blessings, do you include your job? Even if your current job isn’t perfect, it is something for which you should be thankful. If you’re […]

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5 Important Lessons Learned From a First Job

Your first job is a milestone. You get a real paycheck, you start a career, and you start on the grand adventure called life. It will be a learning experience. You may not get the salary of your dreams, and it may feel daunting to learn the ropes, but your first job can teach you […]

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Be Good for Goodness’ Sake!

Each year, employers hire hundreds of thousands of workers for temporary jobs during the holiday season. Many of those workers will be hired to stay on into the next year and some may even land a full-time job with the company. As the holiday season draws to a close, those who work temporary or seasonal […]

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Five Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

Saying the wrong things to your boss can damage your career in ways that are hard to recover from. It’s important to think before you speak, even when you are upset or passionate about an issue. It’s the first step in keeping a positive relationship with your boss, and while it might sound easy, you’d […]

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How to Say Yes to a Summer Work Wardrobe

How to Say Yes to a Summer Work Wardrobe

Building your work wardrobe is never easy. Between the hassles of finding reasonable prices and making sure your new clothes fit the dress code policies of your office, sometimes staying up-to-date with the current season and fashion trends can fall by the wayside. However, looking your best is something we sometimes take for granted. As […]

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Reinvent Your Online Identity

Whether you’re looking for a job and want to expand your network or just wanting to freshen up your social media presence, it’s important to frequently revamp your online identity. A revamp doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your social media presence, but it’s a good way to put your best foot forward. Here are […]

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Know When To Go – Job Change

Everyone has moments when they wonder if it’s time to make a change and find a new job. But, if you find yourself constantly thinking of leaving your job and wishing you worked somewhere else, you probably need to do a little soul-searching. It may be time to try something new, or you may just […]

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How to Find Your Breakthrough

Have you ever dreamed of having a great job, owning a company, or being a millionaire someday? Although we all want the best that life has to offer, our dreams won’t become a reality without hard work and unwavering determination, it doesn’t happen randomly or by accident. So, here are a few tips to help […]

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