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What Type of Boss Do You Have?

And what does that mean for you, as an employee? Throughout our lives, we’ve all worked for a variety of bosses. Some are compassionate and inspire us to excel in a number of ways. Others are independent leaders who have a tendency to be more assertive. Daniel Goleman, of the Harvard Business School Press, outlines […]

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Is Your Boss a Great Leader?

Difficult to earn and easily lost, trust and respect are two of the most important characteristics of great leadership. Workers look to their leaders for guidance and behavioral cues that influence the way they react to a given situation. So, the trust a workforce has for the people in charge greatly impacts productivity. In fact, […]

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Just Say “No” to Working on Vacation

Sometimes you really need to unplug from the office. Regardless of whether we like our jobs or not, they can be stressful. Ideally, going on vacation should refresh us and let us return recharged and ready to work. However, this doesn’t always happen. Your phone follows you everywhere, which means your boss and the rest […]

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5 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Boss

Being the boss can be tough. You have to keep up with everything, assign work, and evaluate employees. But, supervisors are still human and want to feel appreciated. So, when was the last time you and your co-workers showed appreciation to your boss? Since showing appreciation is important, here are five ways to give thanks […]

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When Your Co-worker Becomes Your Boss

Consider this – one day, you and your co-worker are sitting side by side, working on projects and getting along as peers. The next day, that co-worker gets promoted and is now your boss. How do you switch gears from being peers with someone to working for them? When a co-worker becomes your boss, the […]

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Boss’s Day – Showing Appreciation to Your Boss

Boss’s Day is Friday, Oct. 16! This day is dedicated to showing appreciation for managers and those who lead in the workplace. If you’d like to join in the celebration of bosses across the country, check out these easy gift ideas. Card – This inexpensive gift can show a lot of thoughtfulness. Gather your co-workers […]

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St. Patrick’s Day: Lucky Breaks in the Workplace

Do you ever feel like some people are just lucky, especially when it comes to their professional life? Somehow they get all the attention and wind up getting promoted, all the while you faithfully show up every day, do what’s asked of you, and are still in the same position you started out in. It’s […]

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Be a Leader in Any Role

You don’t need a big corner office or a fancy title to be a leader. You just need the qualities that all leaders possess. Whether you’re a young intern or a top manager, you can hone your leadership skills now and make an impact on your company and your career. Good leadership is not only […]

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How to Answer “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?”

One common interview question that tends to catch even the most prepared interviewee off guard is, “Why did you leave your last job?” Although you may not be sure how to answer this question without hurting your chances of landing the job, it’s important to remain confident when telling interviewers what you can bring to […]

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Five Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

Saying the wrong things to your boss can damage your career in ways that are hard to recover from. It’s important to think before you speak, even when you are upset or passionate about an issue. It’s the first step in keeping a positive relationship with your boss, and while it might sound easy, you’d […]

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