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5 Steps to Getting a Job Offer

From job search to interview to final offer, we’re here to help. A job search is stressful for numerous reasons. Chief among the rest—you need money to support yourself and your family. Secondary concerns include finding your professional persona, the sheer force of will and attention it takes to job search for hours every day, […]

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Age Discrimination in the Job Search

The job search involves plenty of rejection—most of us have experienced it to some degree. Unless a particular interview question stumped you, it’s usually difficult, if not impossible, to know why you didn’t get the job. However, when you’re over a certain age, there’s a chance another factor is at play. Maybe they said you […]

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What to Do When You Really Are Overqualified

Your interview felt perfect. You knew all the answers and your resume was shining with experience. But you didn’t get the job. They said you were “overqualified.” It wasn’t an excuse. They meant it. You really and truly were overqualified. Think you may be overqualified for the jobs you’re applying for? Here are our top […]

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Poll Results: What Training Style Do You Prefer?

Toward the end of March we asked our Movin’ On Up readers what their preferred training style was: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, or ‘Other.’ We wanted to find out how our readers learn. We’ll start off with the results, and then review interview tips for each type of learning style. Results So, what did our readers […]

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When it’s Okay to Ask About Pay

If the world were perfect, hunger would be eradicated, chocolate wouldn’t have calories, and you could go in to every job knowing exactly how much you’re going to get offered. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect. So, how do you find out a job’s salary when you’re in an interview? Depending on the company, the […]

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5 Tips to Communicate with Hiring Managers

Some job seekers think a top-notch resume is everything they need to seal the deal on a new career opportunity. It’s definitely part of the process, serving as your go to tool to help get your foot in the door at a company and hopefully land an interview with a hiring manager. But, once you […]

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Avoid Cultural Gaffes When Dealing in International Business

With technology at our fingertips, studying international business, taking internships abroad, and learning about today’s global marketplace is easier than ever. Ensuring you know how to recognize and respect business dealings of other countries is an important part of the process, so check out this post from guest blogger Heide Brandes. Knowing business etiquette for […]

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Are You a Job Search Zombie? Bring Your Job Search Back to Life

The fifth season debut of The Walking Dead has everyone talking, showing that the popularity of all things zombie is not going away anytime soon. And with Halloween right around the corner, the undead will be a popular choice for anyone dressing up for a costume party or a night of trick or treating. Here […]

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5 Great Apps To Help You Prepare For An Interview

  “There’s an app for that!” is an iconic Apple Inc. slogan, one of several companies capitalizing off of the trend of desktops being replaced by mobile devices. According to a five year report by “Flurry,” a leading producer of app analytics, consumers now spend two hours and 42 minutes a day on their phone, […]

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Know When To Go – Job Change

Everyone has moments when they wonder if it’s time to make a change and find a new job. But, if you find yourself constantly thinking of leaving your job and wishing you worked somewhere else, you probably need to do a little soul-searching. It may be time to try something new, or you may just […]

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