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Why Do So Many People Hate Their Jobs?

Why are we so dissatisfied with our work? You’ve heard about it in the halls. Around the water cooler. At parties. When you pick up your son or granddaughter. No matter where you go, at least one person is complaining about their job. But it’s still surprising to see the statistics around work. The Conference […]

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What to Do After College

Welcome to The Real World – What to Do After College

Congratulations to all of you who will be earning a college degree this month. After years of late-night studying, taking early morning exams, and living on a budget as thin as your ramen noodles, you’ve finally made it! But after receiving the important piece of paper and the celebration high is gone, you will probably […]

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You Make Me Want to Shout! Calming Down at Work

You Make Me Want to Shout! Calming Down at Work

Work can be stressful at times. Whether it’s annoying coworkers, chaos in the office, or unruly clients and customers, we all have moments when we are tempted to let go of caution and give in to our anger. Starting a new job can bring a number of situations that can make your blood boil. But, […]

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Finding Your Passion, Pursuing Your Dreams

The highly anticipated 2010 Winter Olympic Games are well under way. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this year’s games and have a few favorite athletes I’m following. It’s amazing to think about all the different sports that exist for people to compete in. Freestyle skiing, figure skating, short track speed skating, snow boarding, and ice dancing […]

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Are Success and Happiness Linked?

A friend once told me that life is what you make it. I laughed when she first said that, because sometimes, bad things just happen, and you can’t control it – perfect examples are the results of the recent economy. Many people lost their jobs, and if you are one of the lucky ones who […]

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