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Celebrate Your 2017 Successes

Reflect on your accomplishments this year 2017 is almost over. You’ve followed all our blogs this year, prepped as hard as you could, and now all your tools are sharp. Your resume is rockin’, your network is newsworthy, and your industry knowledge is incredible. You’re ready for the job search in 2018. And that’s worth […]

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Holiday Job Tips

Holiday Job Tips

Sleigh bells are ringing—what are you waiting for? Whether you’re unemployed and looking for work or employed but looking for a change, the holidays can be a great time to jump start your job search. Seasonal jobs, for instance, can be both a way to pay the bills and stepping stones on the way to […]

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How to Find a Job

How to Find a Job

Are you hitting every stop on your way to job search success? Finding a job isn’t easy. However, there are a number of online and in-person resources you can use to take your job search to the next level! These include job boards, social media, building your network, and attending job fairs. All of those […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Your Job Search

You may want to quit your job search, but what happens when you actually do? The job search isn’t easy. It’s the internet equivalent of cold calling: knocking on doors and hoping someone is interested in your product. Except the product is you. Every time you fail to get an interview or don’t make it […]

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What to Do When You Really Are Overqualified

Your interview felt perfect. You knew all the answers and your resume was shining with experience. But you didn’t get the job. They said you were “overqualified.” It wasn’t an excuse. They meant it. You really and truly were overqualified. Think you may be overqualified for the jobs you’re applying for? Here are our top […]

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Poll Results: How Do You Build Your Network Outside of Social Media

Although many take to the web to make connections, traditional networking is still incredibly important. Meeting someone in person leaves an impression that no amount of words on a screen can match. But there are many ways to do that. Toward the end of May we asked Movin’ On Up readers how they build their […]

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Poll: How Do You Build Your Network Outside of Social Media?

Poll: How Do You Build Your Network Outside of Social Media?

On a planet full of tweets and status updates, how do you meet people face-to-face? Whether it’s a night on the town with friends or meeting with a monthly professional group, networking has always been part of the employment scene. When it comes to pretty much any job, “who you know” really does matter. Which […]

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Resolve to Land a Job This Year

Resolutions can be great for personal and professional growth, but only if they are commitments that you truly want to see accomplished. You’ve probably heard the statistics, but it’s worth repeating: according to the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology, just 8% of people achieve their resolutions and less than half make it past […]

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What Giving Back Can Do for Your Career

Volunteering is a rewarding way to make a positive difference in the lives of others. And, the benefits of giving back are countless. The fact is giving back not only affects your community, but your professional life, as well. From enhancing your resume to establishing new connections to growing leadership skills and more, take a […]

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Four Training Tips You Can Do Right Now to Advance Your Career

Whether you are currently seeking a job or looking to move up the ladder in your current position, you can be proactive in building a plan for future success. If you want to advance your career, start taking steps today to boost your skills, prepare for promotions, or impress interviewers. Here are five career training […]

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