Productive Venting in the Workplace

Some days are tough on the job, and you may want to release those emotions by expressing your feelings to someone rather than keeping them bottled up inside.

Have you ever held a vent session with a co-worker? Here are a few ways to productively vent at work.

Be Mindful of Who You Vent To

Do you have a dependable co-worker you can confide in at work? If so, you’ll want to be considerate of their time. It might be helpful to plan the venting session for a time when neither of you is overloaded with projects and meetings.

It’s also crucial to avoid developing a pattern of constantly venting to the same co-worker. This does not mean it’s wise to find multiple people to hold vent sessions with at work. Venting should be temporary. Also, be sure to allow your trustworthy co-worker to occasionally vent to you if they feel comfortable doing so. You can also set boundaries with your co-workers about venting to you.

Be Mindful of Where You Hold Your Vent Sessions

Hold your vent session in a space where you can privately and comfortably have the discussion. If you work in a virtual or hybrid environment, avoid venting over communication channels such as email or chat platforms. Remember that nothing you write online can ever truly be removed. You also want to prevent someone from capturing a screenshot of the conversation and sharing information that you assume is private with others.

Don’t Become a Chronic Complainer

You don’t want to be the type of person who has a problem for every solution. Venting and expressing your frustration is one thing, but don’t become known as the coworker who always complains.

Don’t forget your vent session can also be with yourself. Take a moment to go outside and go for a walk or write your thoughts down on paper and let the temporary frustrations go.

If there are more serious issues happening on the job, such as harassment or you feel unsafe, it may be best to talk to your supervisor or HR department.

Do you have any other ways to productively vent at work?

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