International Nurses Day: 6 Things You Didn’t Know

May 12 is International Nurses Day. Nurses are selfless; they are kind, compassionate, caring, and committed to helping everyone in need. We want to celebrate the day by offering six interesting facts about the nursing industry you may not have known.

  1. Nursing is the largest healthcare profession
    According to the American Association of Colleges and Nursing (AACN), nursing is the nation’s largest healthcare profession, with nearly 4.2 million registered nurses (RNs). Of all licensed RNs, 84.1% are employed in nursing. Nursing is also in high demand in Canada and worldwide.
  2. Pioneer of modern nursing: Florence Nightingale
    Florence Nightingale, a British nurse and statistician, is considered to be the mother of modern nursing for her influence on how nurses were educated and viewed by society.
  3. The first nursing schools
    Established in India in 250 B.C., only male students could attend nursing school at the time. The New England Hospital for Women and Children, established in 1862, was the first nursing school in the United States. Canada’s first training school for nurses opened in 1874 at the General and Marine Hospital in St. Catharines, Ontario.
  4. The first professional nurses were nuns
    The nursing cap and early nursing uniforms were modeled after a nun’s habit, as a way to pay homage to the role nuns played in caring for the sick before professionalized nursing was reformed.
  5. Nurses walk, on average, 4 miles a day
    A nursing study found that 146 nurses walked an average of 4-5 miles total during their 12-hour shift. Compare that to the average American, who only walks 2.5–3 miles on average daily.
  6. Many nurses are employed through a staffing agency like Express.
    If you need help finding a nurse position or other healthcare roles, we can help.

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Make an extra effort to recognize the accomplishments of nurses on International Nurses Day. Use the hashtag #InternationalNursesDay on your social media to spotlight these amazing workers.

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