Why Summer Staffing is Best for You

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While seasonal upswings in production are expected for most businesses, one thing is for sure: the summer months have always presented a unique obstacle in maintaining efficiency and productivity. One of the main reasons is the traditional expectation for employees to take vacation days away from work in the warmer months, and organizations expect team members to take advantage of a much-needed break.

With employees taking time off this summer, organizations are tasked with providing solutions to ensure their team doesn’t miss a beat and continue to be productive with fewer staff. While hiring full-time employees wouldn’t be a cost-effective means to bridge the gap, using a staffing agency to supplement your employment needs, when you need them, may be the best viable option for your company.

Offset Vacation Plans

Regardless of your industry, maintaining productivity while employees are gone for extended periods can be daunting. However, if your company plans ahead and knows when your core employees will be out of pocket, you can partner with a staffing company to provide skilled talent for the specific time you need them. From administrative professionals to light industrial and skilled workers, Express Employment Professionals will work with you during this season to help ensure your company stays efficient.

In 2024, 52% of consumers plan to travel the same amount as they did in 2023, while 40% expect to travel more, according to a Forbes Advisor Survey. Companies will need more employees to keep up with increasing demand. Hiring workers from a staffing company is the quickest way to ensure your company stays ahead of the curve. Whether project-based or seasonal, a staffing agency will get you the help you need to maintain a competitive advantage.

Influx of Available Workers for Evaluation

Historically, the summer months are a great time to evaluate workers looking for experience. Whether students are home from college or are just graduating and entering the workforce, there is always an influx of potential candidates during the summer. If these individuals expect to leave again in the fall, summer is a perfect opportunity to hire them on a temporary basis. Or, if there is a boom in recent graduates, using a staffing company is a great way to see if they fit. Express offers an Evaluation Hire solution to see if workers are suitable for the job before becoming core employees, and the summer is the perfect time to use this service.

Summer Staffing to Meet Your Needs

Whether your business expects a boost in production or simply sees a need to bridge the production gap while your employees take vacation, using a staffing company could be just what you need to ensure your company not only maintains production, but also takes advantage of the summer months to become even more successful.

To learn more about how using a staffing company this summer can help you meet your business needs, contact your local Express office today!

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