Cover Letter Tips: Stick to the Basics

Remember that your cover letter should include three basic parts: an introduction paragraph, a qualifications paragraph and a closing. The introduction paragraph should tell the employer why the position interests you. What is it about the company that you like? Research the company to find its mission, basic goals and achievements. Explain how you fit into this culture, but keep it short!

The second paragraph should be a brief description of why you qualify for the job. Specify skills you have that are listed in the job description for the position. Don’t paraphrase your resume. Instead, focus on telling how your experience and career goals are relevant to the position.

In your closing, restate your interest in the position and your intent to follow up. Include your availability for an interview and give a date that you’ll call if you don’t hear from the employer. Taking the initiative to follow up will show that the position is important to you. Also, make sure your contact information is correct and easy to find.


  1. Tina Bennett

    Questiion, I was fired from my last job. For being tardy. I am not rehirable at the job. I have been looking for a job of various kinds for over a month. Have had at least 6 interviews. With no results. Any advice on what I can do or am doing wrong.

  2. Summer

    Hi Tina,
    Thanks for your question. Looking for a job over an extended period of time can get discouraging. But don’t lose heart. Remain positive and enthusiastic during the interview. Focus on how your skills will benefit the company. Be a good listener and ask thoughtful questions. Most of all, show the employer that you’re eager to work for them.
    If the fact that you were fired for tardiness comes up in the interview, address what you’ve done to get rid of this bad habit. Also, make sure you always arrive 10-15 minutes early for each interview. Showing up even a minute late for an interview can really hurt your chances of being hired.
    Check out these recent posts on interviewing for more information.
    Best wishes in your job search!

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