How Can I Prove My Worth to My Boss?

Are you growing in your career? Hopefully, the answer is yes. As your expertise increases, it’s important to keep track of your achievements. A good way to do this is to keep a detailed list of specific projects, deadlines, timelines and accomplishments as you advance in your job. Also, track how you’ve impacted the budget, company goals and other areas that have directly affected the organization as a whole.

Demonstrating that you’ve helped save your organization time or money, or increased profits is a powerful resource for persuading your boss that you’re an asset to the team.


  1. Summer

    Whether a person is on a temporary assignment or an executive, it’s important to keep track of accomplishments. Consider creating a written log detailing your achievements over the last 6 months. Include ways you’ve saved the company money, improvements you’ve made and goals you achieved. Then set up a meeting with your employer and share the ways you’re helping the company.

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