Does Your Job Have Staying Power?

Bug breeder. Road kill collector. Catfish noodler. Alpaca shearer.

Those are a few of the positions Mike Rowe lists on his résumé. Rowe is host of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, a show that exposes people to all kinds of jobs that they don’t necessarily see in the classified ads each week.

If you asked 100 elementary school children what they wanted to be when they grow up, I’d bet no one would mention any of the jobs that Rowe has tried out on his show. But doctor, teacher, politician and artist would probably rank high on the list.

Those four also showed up on list of occupations that will “stand the test of time,” according to Also included on the list of professions there will always be a need for:

Construction worker
Law enforcement officer
Religious leader
Tax collector
Waste disposal manager

Can you think of other jobs that are necessary and will still be relevant in the future? What about your job?

I love my career, however I’m not sure my position will be around in 50 years. But then again, I probably won’t either.


  1. Tiffany

    How about teacher? Education’s the cornerstone of our society, and many of those other occupations wouldn’t have any place in a world without education.

  2. Danielle Walker

    How about an accountant? If tax collectors are going to be around forever, we’ll need someone to make sure we don’t mess up the financials.

  3. Rob Crissinger

    With the rapidly increasing number of communications touchpoints for businesses and individuals (blogs, micro-blogs, news circles, social network aggregators, etc.) making environmental monitoring more challenging, and important, I think communications professionals are a growth occupation in the future.

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