Daily Archives: August 16, 2007

Video Résumés – Fad or Future?

the video resumeMy résumé is boring. Twenty years of accomplishments condensed on two sheets of ivory parchment. I have all the bases covered: relevant experience, transferable job skills, recent accomplishments and education.

Although the information is accurate, it is not a complete picture of who I am, which is why I’m considering creating a video résumé. It would serve as an excellent complement to my traditional résumé, allowing me to highlight certain skills, such as strategic planning, leadership and problem-solving abilities.

Many of the video résumés on YouTube focus too much on entertainment rather than providing answers to commonly-asked interviews questions. Sites like Jobster combine aspects of social networking with job search functions to connect users with people, information and opportunities to further their careers.

Just imagine – you can turn your MySpace or Facebook profile into a living, breathing résumé. You could turn your personal blog into a virtual job interview, complete with links to your portfolio of work. You can provide detail on how you took a concept from inception to completion, how you overcame a difficult situation or what traits you are looking for in a boss. If you live in Denver and are looking for a job in Nashville, you have an opportunity to make a first impression that is more provoking than 20-pound résumé paper.

But, there are some considerations to take into account when creating a video résumé.

Can it be viewed? If an employer does not have broadband or a high-speed Internet connection you could create a frustrating obstacle for the manager. You shouldn’t rely on a video résumé alone. Make sure you provide a traditional résumé as well.

Will it be viewed? Hiring managers might only spend 10, 20 or 30 seconds scanning (reviewing) paper résumés when filling an open position. It is feasible to go through 120 résumés in an hour. But with video résumés lasting one to five minutes, a manager might only get through a dozen in an hour. Fortunately, not many job seekers have adopted résumés, so utilizing a video résumé may be a key differentiator for you.

Is it appropriate for you? Video résumés are not for everyone. But, if you work in a field where you are constantly competing with a large number of applicants, a video résumé might help grab the attention of the potential employer. Or, if you are trying to break into an industry where you have limited experience, a video résumé could be your solution.

How do you feel about video résumés? Have you used them? Have they helped or hurt your job quest?