Pick the Job That’s Right for You

My sister-in-law recently received her bachelor’s degree in nursing and began searching for a job. She was a licensed practical nurse for 12 years prior to her graduation – so she had a lot of experience in her field, which helped her job search. She received several job offers and is having a terrible time trying to figure out which job to take. She has three small children, so picking the right job is crucial to her work/life balance.

This job dilemma is a good one to have; however, some people aren’t quite prepared to handle this situation when it arises.  Of course, in the grand scheme of things, you must take into account all factors when trying to find the right job choice for your career. When trying to determine the right job, keep these tips in mind:

Take time to compare: Don’t say yes immediately. Make sure to take some time to evaluate each job offer. Write down the pros and cons of each offer, and go over them with your family or someone you trust. If you have additional questions, write them down and call the potential employer back for answers. Remember, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. You want to make sure it is a good fit for everyone involved.

Focus on your priorities: Money isn’t everything, so make sure that you understand everything each potential employer has to offer. Check out their benefits and healthcare package. Do they offer corporate perks or bonuses? If you receive a great salary but the company doesn’t offer any benefits program, or career advancement opportunities, is the pay worth it?

Be honest: Let other prospective employers know that you were offered another job and you are trying to determine the best fit. You don’t have to divulge any information about the salary or who is offering the job if you don’t want to. Let them know that you need some time to evaluate the offer, and give them a time frame in which you will get back to them. Most employers will understand if you ask for a few days to think.

Don’t back out: Make sure that you are respectful to all prospective employers. After you decide which job you are going to take, don’t back out. Once you have accepted a job offer, the company lets all other applicants know that the position has been filled. If you back out, the employer has to start all over, and it doesn’t usually reflect well on you.

You may love the idea of having multiple job offers, but the anxiety of picking between them can be tremendous. By following these tips, you can help narrow the field down to the one offer you want to accept.

Have you ever juggled multiple job offers? What was the deciding factor – money, benefits, time off?


  1. lashanda hannah

    I would like a very nice neat and understanding job everybody wants to work and im not everybody im somebody that wants to wark hard

  2. Jennifer

    Hi Phyllis,
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  3. Marquita

    i would like a job that is right for me. something that’s challenging because i would be a good asset to the company.

  4. Tausha

    I’ve basically worked retail for the past 11 years, and now I would like to try something different, anything from a bank job to an office Monday-Friday job. And I feel that everyone shines down upon me, no one will give me that chance to change. Did I waste to much time in retail?

  5. Jennifer

    Thanks for your question. First off, you didn’t waste your time by working in retail. There are many transferable skills that you’ve acquired along the way that will set you apart from the competition. The job interview section (http://blog.expresspersonnel.com/movinonup/job_interviews/index.html) of this blog has many posts that can help you stand out during the interviews. If you’re having trouble creating a résumé that highlights your strengths, here are 12 tips (http://blog.expresspersonnel.com/movinonup/2007/08/12-rsum-tips-to.html) that can help get you hired.
    It’s never too late to change careers and reinvent yourself. If you need examples on how to write your résumé to highlight your strengths and not necessarily your work experience, check out Five Tips for Getting Past Résumé Gaps (http://blog.expresspersonnel.com/movinonup/2007/08/five-tips-for-g.html).
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