What Makes a Job Great?

Everyone is motivated by different things. That’s why the perfect job for your best friend or next door neighbor might not be the right job for you.

Have you ever sat down and really evaluated what makes you happiest (or unhappiest) at work? Many people just assume money is the only factor to consider when taking a new job, but in fact, good compensation alone will rarely make people love their jobs.

In order to find a job that’s a perfect fit for your strengths, personality and values, you must first know what you’re looking for. Take a moment to think about what would really provide you the most satisfaction at work.


  1. Starla Eastwood

    I have not been out of work much in my time of working and now that I am right now, it has been an uphill battle. The employers seem to be interested but in the end, they filled the position with another….it seems I am either under-qualified or over-qualified…how do you handle this situation? I can tell you that I am very discouraged…

  2. William H. Brown

    I believe that compensation,benefits and work environment are key aspects of, “what makes a good job.” It’s also important that the position is a good fit/match for the person accepting the job. More times than not people find themselves in a situation where they just have to work to generate an income. This is usually a result of poor to no career training adjoined to a lack of financial planning. I recently found myself in this situation. Not having enough money saved in an emergency fund, to tide me over until I could find something in the field that I have been trained. So I just worked what ever came my way. Very frustrating but also humbling. Training in regard to a career path is essential in job/career satisfaction. Sometimes a person is clueless in regard to a career path. There are tests and books available at libraries,IDES and on-line that can assist most people in this area. Find out what your passionate about and what you have an aptitude for. Then come up with a strategy for success. This must contain short term and long term goals. Create a pattern of accomplishment and success with your short term goals. The long term goals will fall into place as you follow the established pattern. I believe to many people just settle and are very unsatisfied with their work life. Which ultimately impacts the day to day. It doesn’t have to be that way. Do the research and reap the results. It’s a holistic thing, no one lives in a vacuum, each part or aspect of life has its impact on the other. Educate your self to the available life choices and then make a decision. A decision is the only thing that brings an end to indecisiveness.

  3. Michelle Dungeon, CPC

    I have a question regarding past employers: How do you get a reference Letter from a past employer who was not happy that you left and tried to slander your reputation before leaving? I worked for this employer for 18months in that dept, before moving on to another dept. I have the job now but would need the letter in order to move forward.

  4. Summer

    While it’s probably not likely that the supervisor you had an issue with will write you a glowing review, it may be possible to get a letter that at least confirms your dates of employment and lists the projects you were responsible for.
    Another suggestion would be to get a more positive reference letter from someone else in the department other than the supervisor you had an problems with. Even if they weren’t your immediate supervisor, their recommendation of you could mean alot to a potential employer.

  5. Natalie

    Same as William, I believe that compensation, benefits and work environment are what makes a job good. People would want to feel secure with their job, compensation and benefits somewhat help in that aspect. As for the work environment, I agree with the result of the survey. It is very important that the environment at work would help motivate an employee and not make the person feel miserable every time s/he goes to work. Work environment also includes having a harmonious relationship with one’s co-workers.

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