Making a Name for Yourself

Do you walk the halls of your workplace and feel invisible? Or, do you find yourself constantly struggling to climb the ladder within your organization? Trying to make a name for yourself can be a difficult journey, but by following these few tips, you just might be able to become the person that everyone says hello to in the hall and that co-workers come to for answers.

Be proactive in seeking success. Don’t wait for your boss to approach you to give you more work. Talk to your boss and let him or her know you want more responsibility. Schedule a one-on-one time with your supervisor to discuss career options and career development. Also, don’t wait for yearly reviews; try to meet with your boss several times throughout the year to discuss your progress.

Ask for a mentor. Mentors within the organization can help you better understand the culture in your workplace. They can assist you in your development and help you identify the areas where you have weaknesses. These individuals also know the inner workings of your organization and can help introduce you to the people that can help move you up within the company. To help you chose a mentor, check out So, You Want a Mentor.

Build a network with other departments. To help get you noticed within your organization, try developing personal relationships with other co-workers in different departments. Volunteer for special projects or extracurricular activities that your company sponsors to help you get to know other individuals in your company. You’re building your brand and if you can extend yourself beyond your department, you can develop relationships with others who can potentially push you further in your career.

Be prepared for performance reviews. Make sure you have your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed before you go in for your performance review. Your boss might not know all the intricate details of the projects you work on or how far you have come on your professional development. It’s your job to keep track of your progress and have documentation of everything that you have accomplished when asking for a raise or new title. For tips on how to prepare, check out Earn What You’re Worth.

Making a name for yourself and building your brand can help you stand out and show your boss the value you add to your organization.

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