Office Romance: In the Clear or in Present Danger?

Have you ever found yourself looking forward to seeing a certain someone at work each day? Or, is that friend at work becoming more than just an office confidant? If you find yourself becoming involved romantically with someone you work with, or if you are experiencing feelings beyond the confines of friendship, then you might want to take these few tips into consideration before embarking on an office romance.

Check the company policy. First and foremost, make sure that you are following the company’s guidelines on offices romances. Some companies absolutely forbid co-workers from becoming romantically involved, while others leave the choice up to the discretion of their employees. Either way, it is a good idea to verify company policy before beginning a romantic relationship with a co-worker. Continuing a relationship with a co-worker when it’s against company policy can result in reprimanding or even termination.

Keep it under wraps. It’s very tempting to want to tell everyone when you begin a new relationship. But hold back. Consider the feelings of your co-workers and how they might react to the news. Some might think that you are focusing on your new relationship more than your work. Others might turn it into office gossip and begin to resent your new found relationship. Share your joy with your friends and family at home, not at work. This can help you keep your work life and your personal life separate.

Be professional. If you’re in a relationship with someone you work with and everyone knows about it, you still need to keep things professional. Exchanging glances, sending affectionate e-mails or kissing in the corner is not the way to show that you’re there to work. Public displays of affection can present problems among co-workers and your boss if they think that you’re allowing your love life to interfere with your professional life. Make sure when you’re at work that you’re focused on the tasks at hand and serious about your commitment to the organization.

It’s understandable that work relationships begin to develop into something more. After all, many people spend the majority of their time at work every week. But, by following these tips on office romance, you can have a professional career as well as a love life.


  1. Richard Rinyai

    I agree with this. I recently wrote a post on my blog about this topic.
    I’m married, so obviously this doesn’t affect me personally, but before I was, I tried to keep away from dating co-workers.
    Even back in school, I avoided this, since quite a lot of little or even larger problems can arise from it.
    Richard Rinyai

  2. Chris Rose

    I am against having a romantic relationship with a co-worker. When/if you break up and it is not amicable, continuing to work in the same office is very uncomfortable, awkward and can lead to all sorts of problems that can undermine your jobs.

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