‘Tis the Season for Seasonal Jobs

It’s the time of year when companies everywhere are hiring workers to ramp up for the holiday season. In fact, retailers say they plan to add up to 600,000 workers in November and December this year.

But, did you know that retail stores aren’t the only places to add temporary workers to their staff as the year ends? There’s an increased demand for products in retail stores. More people are shopping online than the rest of the year. People tend to travel and eat out more than normal.

That’s why customer service, shipping, clerical, hospitality, manufacturing and e-commerce are just some areas that are looking for good employees to help them get through the crunch of the holidays. So, with that in mind, now’s a great time to look for a job.


  1. Joan Packer

    Because my primary employment revolves around the school year, I am free to work during holiday breaks, at spring break, and in summer. I prefer to continue earning income at these times.

  2. Elizabet Rodriguez

    I am registered with your agency. I am looking for PT work during the Holiday. Please let me know what you might come accross. My hours available:
    5-10 M-F
    Sat and Sun open

  3. Gordon Roe

    This is a great way add dollars to my income stream, and possibly get hired on a permanent basis by an outstanding employer. It’s all good!

  4. Wanda Scott

    I need a job to help pay by bills, and hopefully get my foot in the door of a good company that would be willing to keep me own. I am a very hard working and loyal employee and always strive to do my best.
    My available hrs would be from 8 am to 5 pm or whatever hours you have available close to these.

  5. Lynn Stone

    I am looking for Part-Time employement. To supplement my income. I would love to make a appointment to come in and speak to someone regarding what employment opportunites that you may have available.During the Holidays are good also.
    The week of Christmas my hours are alot more flexible.
    Otherwise, My hours of availability are Monday thru Friday 6:30pm – 10:30pm. Sat and Sunday are Open.
    Thank you so much for your time.
    Lynn Stone

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