3 Easy Ways to Widen Your Job Search

Getting a new job is a difficult task. Just finding the right job to apply for can often be the biggest challenge. It’s discouraging to not be able to find the perfect job you want, especially when you think you know what type of job you are qualified for and want. But, you may be limiting yourself by only considering job titles. Are you only applying for jobs in specific categories, fields or titles? If so, you could be eliminating a dream job without even knowing it. Try these tips today to expand your job search.

Look at different job titles. Job titles may not be the best indicator of what the job responsibilities include. The title may only describe one aspect of the job or it may not accurately portray the job at all. A job titled “special events coordinator” may concentrate on sales with little focus on actual event planning. If you want to coordinate events, the job may not be listed as party planner, but may be listed as meeting coordinator, event manager or facility director.

Read the full job description. Rather than reading the title alone, reading the full job description will give you a much better idea about the job. This description will often list skills needed, activities involved and experience required to complete the job. For example, if you are skilled at data entry and enjoy that type of work, look at many job descriptions, because many jobs consist of a lot of data entry, but have titles that do not even hint at that activity. First, know what skills you have and what type of work you enjoy doing. Then, concentrate on finding those items listed in the job descriptions.

Search other job classifications. Don’t limit yourself to one job category, industry, or field because it describes previous jobs you’ve had. Your ideal job may be listed in another field altogether. Your skills and education can be applied to different jobs, so don’t be afraid to explore new options. If you are looking for an administrative job, search under administration support, but also look in other areas because many departments have support staff, too. A potential employer may categorize a job one way and you may label it another. Searching other job categories and listings can take extra time, but it’s worth the effort when you’re looking for a job you want.

You can find the right job to apply for if you broaden your perspective on where and how to look for jobs.  Focus beyond titles, examine job descriptions carefully and look in different job categories that might be used to list the job you want. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Use these tips when you start looking for a new job, and you just may find exactly what you were looking for.

Do you focus your search on job titles? Have you found a job in a category that you wouldn’t normally look at?


  1. Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A

    What about this?
    1. Know what your favorite & most used transferable skills are.
    2. Have at least 3 job goals based on the transferable skills.
    3. Do your research on what companies do the work you want to do?
    4. Network a lot, even volunteering works.
    5. Do a lot of informational interviewing of employers.
    6. Submit a proposal to one of them you have interviewed about what you can do for that employer.
    7. Celebrate when you get the job!

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