New Year, New Job: 4 Tips to Keep Your Resolution

It’s that time of year when everyone begins to think about their New Year’s resolutions. Some may stick to their resolutions, but others may give up after a week. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to find a new job, here are a few steps to help you.

Write it down. You’ve already made the decision to look for a new job, so now you need to commit to it. Write this commitment down on paper and put it some place where you can see it daily. This will keep your goal at the top of your mind. Next, share your goal with someone else. This person can hold you accountable for accomplishing your goal and support you along the way. You are more likely to succeed with a written goal and a supportive person than you are without either.

Set a time frame. Set an estimated time frame for when you would like to have a new job. The key is to be realistic. For example, if you set a goal to find a new job in one week, you might not hit that goal, or you might end up in a job you don’t enjoy. To avoid wishing you had never changed jobs, give yourself time to ensure a good fit.

If you are looking to progress into a different or higher position, you might need to further your education. Completing an educational course will take time, so set your goal for farther down the road so you have plenty of time to successfully complete the courses before you start job searching. Examine your situation to determine when the best time would be to take on a new position.

Update your résumé. You probably haven’t looked at your résumé since you started your last job, so make sure to update it before applying for a new job.  Include any skills, activities and education you obtained while at your current job. Also, proof your résumé for spelling and grammar. If your outdated résumé doesn’t list your qualifications for the job, your résumé will probably be tossed aside.

Start the search. After you are committed to finding a new job and have updated your résumé, it’s time to start the job search. Make sure to follow your timeline. If you plan to be in a new job by the end of the summer, don’t wait until August to start applying for jobs. Because the application, interview and hiring process may take several weeks or more to complete, start applying for jobs two to three months before your time frame of landing a new job.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to keeping your resolution of finding a new job in the New Year.

Why are you looking for a new job this year? What steps are you taking to reach this goal?


  1. Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A

    Good first steps. The finding a new job has to take place within a format of; Knowing oneself well & what transferable skills you have; how to network well–it means giving & taking; researching your next employers & having a proposal ready after your informationa interviewing process is completed & rejoicing after you & the employer have a meeting of the minds. Go for it!
    Cheers, mjt

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