This New Year, Are You Looking for a New Job?

The new year is one of the most popular times to begin looking for a new job. As you look over your resolutions for 2008, did finding a new job make the list? Tell us why in the poll below.


  1. Tiffany

    Interesting comment. I’m guessing you mean you either have a challenging job and make great money or aren’t currently employed. You’ve got me wondering which one it would be! Either way, best wishes for your career.

  2. Cecilia

    What wasn’t on the list was re-entering the work force after a lengthy illness or disability. I have been on disability for 10 years and am now making the attempt to become self-sufficient. My life was turned upside down 10 years ago. I’m ready to get back to work.

  3. T.J.

    I must admit that moving to Indiana(Bloomington)three years ago I thought that there would be more non-profit work opportunities to choose from. Like so many people I just want to get back to work.

  4. Jennifer

    I would like more money but also a change in venue. Have the schooling and would like to switch from factory to office.

  5. Shanekqua Griggs

    The reason I’ve chosen I need more money because the job that I’m working at now is not making enough money for me to support my son and barely don’t have enough to pay all my bills that why I need more money.

  6. Phyllida Porter

    I think John was hoping he could hire someone looking for new challenge: how about it? — can people looking to hire connect with those of us with common goals?

  7. Jacqueline

    Relocated to NC over a year ago and seeking full-time employment…been a rough yr, but am praying that this year I will be blessed with a full-time job.

  8. Marlene Taase

    well i would say that i dont have a job and im now attending school so i need a job to help my family and for my school bill.

  9. Barbara A. Blumer

    I am looking for rewarding and good paying employment.
    Please look at my resume I brought in on Wednesday January 2nd 2008. I’m very versetile and can do many positions. I’m not affaid of working and am not title inpressed. I get along with everone and I am a team player.

  10. Lettie

    I am with Barbara Blumer. I may sound like a squeeky wheel but its where I am coming from. A baby boomer…I guess I am not willing to escape my characteristics that are a big part of my personality. I need job retention skills, I need advocacy, I need to know how to get along with others who are new to work forces, are using political power in manuvering laterally and upwardly… Many dumb mistakes are being made within a work day and one of them is the letting of someone like me go. I recently took on a job that took a year to find…$6.85 per hour! I need more money than that. I simply want to become financially stable in 5 years. A millionaire. I need the help that Express Personnel seems that it can provide me. I think I will try it. lad/2008

  11. Trish Thato

    I’ve just relocated in August 2007. My husband is currently the only breadwinner for the family of 4 and it isn’t easy for him. I need a job as of yesterday to relieve the pressure. I hope 2008 will provide opportunities through express personnel.

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