3 Tips to Identify Your Strengths and Land the Job You Want

When you start to look for a job, you will want to know your strengths so you can include them on your résumé and cover letter, and answer questions about your abilities during an interview. Knowing your strong points is important so you can show employers reasons to hire you. Whether you’ve been in the workforce for one year or 20 years, you have strengths as an individual and employee. Here are a few tips to help you identify your strengths and land the job you want.

Examine your experience. Look at the skills you’ve gained from previous jobs and volunteer work. Think about what you were good at and what you enjoyed doing. This list could include organizing, planning, leading others and problem solving, just to name a few. Do you remember receiving a compliment on a certain task or project? This could be an indicator of strength. Make sure to list this strong point on your résumé, and then elaborate on the task or project during an interview.

Evaluate your education. If you studied a certain subject in school or excelled in a specific area, it could be listed as a strength. Maybe you did really well in your math and computer classes. Good math skills can help you follow budgets, and computer skills can help you perform tasks like data entry. Make sure to consider special training you received or skills you acquired on your own, such as learning a foreign language or earning a special certification to show other strengths that could add unique value to an employer.

Ask your friends and co-workers. See what your friends and co-workers have to say about your strengths. They might say you have skills you may not realize, such as being detail-oriented, organized, collaborative, congenial or innovative. All of these characteristics can be sold to employers as strengths because they identify you as a person and define your work ethic. Also, ask them for specific instances when you’ve demonstrated these skills, so you could talk about them during an interview.

Your competencies and abilities make you unique. Save a list of your strengths so you can pick the important ones each time you apply for a job. Make sure to highlight how your unique strengths make you the perfect candidate for each job you apply for by using these tips.

How were you able to define your strengths during your job search? Did people around you help you see new strengths you didn’t realize you had?


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