Daily Archives: February 28, 2008

Are You On Your Way to Your Dream Job?

Whether or not you’re happy in your current job, you might not be working in your dream job. Are you ready to make a change and head toward your ideal career? If you’re longing for your dream job but need some help getting there, here are a few tips to help you reach your goals and realize your dreams.

Write down your goals. People often lose sight of their goals because they get so busy with life. But, if you write down your goals and place them in a spot where you can easily view them, you’re more likely to remember what you are working toward. Think about where you want to be in five, 10 and 20 years, and set goals to get you there. From time to time, you can look back at your goals and adjust them to fit any new dreams you may have.

Create a plan. Now that you have your goals in mind, it’s time to devise a plan of how you are going to get there. Look at your current position and what it’s providing for you. It may be the first stepping stone in a long line of jobs that will lead to your dream job. Or, it may just be paying the bills and offer no opportunities for advancement within the company. After you’ve created your road map, decide if your current job fits into your plan or if it’s time for a change.

Take action. You know your goals, you’ve established a plan, so now’s the time to make it happen. Decide you’ll do what it takes, no matter what. You may have to choose between taking a new job that gets you closer to your dream job but for less pay, or staying with your current job that isn’t helping you reach your dream job. If you stay with your current job, you’ll also have to decide how long you’re willing to forgo your dreams before moving on. Sacrificing one job for another is one of the hardest decisions you’ll face if you find yourself off track. Even if you think you’re on the right path, always check your plan because it might be time to take the next step toward reaching your goal.

If simply changing jobs won’t put you on the right career path, or you feel it’s out of your reach, consider some of these options before starting the job search. If your skills are lacking or outdated, take an educational course or two that will give you and your résumé an added boost. Look into training courses that can provide you with the experience you need to progress in your field. Also, join local organizations that will provide you with the opportunity to network with others. And last but not least, consider relocating to another city or state. A different location with different businesses just might offer you the career you’ve been waiting for.

Once you’ve envisioned your ideal career, you’re one step closer to achieving it. You can make your dream job a reality if you have your goals in mind, create a plan and take the appropriate steps to follow your dreams. So dream big and make it happen!

Are you working at your dream job? If not, what are your plans to get there?