Get Ahead by Becoming a Team Player

being a team playerThe workplace is made up of many individuals working toward a common purpose. As in sports, in order to have a winning team, the players must work together to achieve their goals.

Get Recognized.
Do you want to get noticed as an MVP? Then focus on developing a reputation as an employee who strives to help others succeed. When you build up those around you, you’ll foster good will among your co-workers and demonstrate to management that you’re a natural leader.

Be a Team Cheerleader.
When you go out of your way to cheer on your teammates and help them achieve the team’s objectives, it gets noticed. Your boss will be impressed when you demonstrate leadership skills like mentoring, training and encouraging those around you. And remember, many people can do good work as an individual but it takes an exceptional employee to be able to build others up.

Offer Your Support.
To become a better relationship builder, motivator and leader, look for opportunities to help your teammates. Is a co-worker stressed out by a tight deadline? Offer to pitch in to help complete the project. Does your boss seem discouraged? Lift their spirits by sharing good news or reminding them of recent team successes.

What type of team member are you? Do you cheer on co-workers’ successes or do you long for more individual recognition?


  1. Becky

    Thanks for the fun reminders. We get so wrapped up in all that needs to be done, we forget to break for fun.

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