Daily Archives: March 6, 2008

Using Temp Jobs to Quick Start Your Career

People typically think about temporary jobs two different ways. Some like the flexibility and variety temp jobs offer, while others simply view temporary positions as fillers until they can find a permanent job. Whatever the case may be, temp jobs provide great opportunities to make money, learn new skill sets and engage with different types of employers and businesses which can help jump start your career.

If you currently have a temp job or are considering temporary work and would like to turn that temporary position into a full-time gig, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Work like you’re full-time. Even if you’re just filing papers or distributing mail, it’s important work, or you wouldn’t be there. So make sure you work hard and show your employers that you take pride in your job – no matter what it is. Your quality of work should be just as good or better than any permanent employee if you want to turn your temporary position into a permanent one.

2. Keep working long after you’re done. If you finish your work assignment before the day is done, find something else productive to do. Ask your supervisor for additional work, or offer to help co-workers with their projects. Even if it’s just busy work, showing others and your employers that you’re willing to pitch in no matter what the task will increase your chances of receiving an offer of a permanent job.

3. Dress to impress. Just because you are a temporary worker and may only be doing odd jobs around the office, make sure your attire is appropriate. Your clothing should reflect the attire of your co-workers. If you aren’t sure what the dress code is, make sure to ask before your first day at work. Showing that you value the workplace norms will go far in the eyes of your supervisors.

4. Personalize yourself. Whether you’re on a job for one day or three months, letting co-workers get to know you and learning about them will help supervisors and employees differentiate you from other temporary workers. However, make sure you socialize during appropriate times and not while you should be working. Spending too much time socializing can give employers a bad impression and will result in termination of your assignment.

If you want your temp job to lead to something more, try using these ideas. You just might land the right temp job that will quick start your career.