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3 Ways to Build a Better Relationship with Your Boss

Boss RelationshipsDo you struggle to connect with your boss? If so, you’re not alone. Research shows that a poor relationship with an immediate supervisor is the leading reason people leave their jobs. But, instead of calling it quits at a job you otherwise enjoy, try using three tips to build a better relationship with your boss.

Take Advantage of an Open Door Policy.
Communication problems contribute to the demise of many relationships. If you and your supervisor always seem to be speaking a different language, try increasing the amount of time you spend talking face-to-face. Remember, practice makes perfect and that includes your ability to communicate with your boss. If your boss has an open door policy, pop in every now and then to touch base. For supervisors who aren’t easily accessible, schedule times to meet together on a regular basis. Don’t wait until you have a problem to approach your boss. Instead, make developing a solid, professional relationship with your boss a top priority.

Pitch in to Lighten Your Supervisor’s Work Load.
If your boss is frequently stressed out and buried in work, chances are, they would appreciate it if you offered to help out. While you might assume your boss would ask for help if it they needed it, that’s not necessarily the case. Some people have a difficult time asking others for assistance. By paying attention to your supervisor’s workload and offering to pitch in, you’ll be recognized as a team player who can be counted on.

Be Supportive not Combative.
Even when you disagree with the decisions your boss makes, it’s important to be professional. Remember, it’s not always easy for your boss to make tough calls. You can show respect for your boss by refraining from criticism or gossip. Not only will your boss appreciate your support, but you’ll feel more positive about your relationship when you make an effort to see things from your supervisor’s point of view.

Taking responsibility for your own job satisfaction by focusing on getting along better with your supervisor can vastly improve your outlook. You may be miserable in a job, but unless you take the initiative to correct and communicate the issues, your boss could be clueless. Developing open communication, offering your assistance and being supportive will show your boss that you care about your relationship and your job.

Do you get along with your boss? How do you think you could improve your relationship? Let us know in the comments section!