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Moving for a Job: Is it the Right Decision for You?

Many people consider moving out of town, or even out of state, when they’re looking for a job. Relocating can be exciting, and it can bring new opportunities. But, a move can be stressful, costly and put you far away from family and friends. Here are three things to consider when contemplating moving for a job.

The cost of moving. Moving your belongings from one town or state to another can be costly. On top of moving fees, you may incur additional charges for moving appliances, packing supplies, or using an elevator or staircase to load your items. There may also be a charge if the movers hold your belongings for an extended period of time while you’re looking for a new place. Remember, if you’re moving to a new town just to start looking for a job, your moving expenses won’t be reimbursed. But, companies may cover your moving expenses if they ask you to relocate. If you’re planning to move to a new town for a job, make sure to check with the company that hired you to see if any of your expenses will be covered.

Cost of living. The cost of living varies from place to place. A job may sound great because a company offered you twice as much as your current salary, but if the cost of living is three times as high, you’d be better off financially to stay put. Investigate the cost of living in your current town and compare the cost against the place you’re considering. Don’t forget about the extra money you’ll spend on down payments for housing and utilities, and the cost to set up internet, cable or a new phone number.

The tax on relationships. Some people enjoy the thrill of a new environment, but others enjoy the company of family and friends. When you move to a new, unfamiliar place, you often leave behind people you spend your spare time with. Some adapt easily, making a new home in a new environment, while others end up moving back home to be near those they love. If you’re unable to adapt to your new environment and become unhappy, your mood can negatively impact your work and hinder your success. 

Relocating to take a new job can jump start your career, help you move up the corporate ladder and provide you with other career opportunities. But, before you make the decision to move, consider the cost of moving, the cost of living and the cost of lost time with friends and family, to make sure the decision is right for you.

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