5 Dream Jobs and What it Takes to Land Them

What’s your dream job? Do you fantasize about being a stuntman, secret agent or maybe a marine biologist? Even if your dream seems far-fetched, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve. With enough determination and a bit of luck, your fantasy job could be closer than you think.

Find out what it takes to make it in our five featured dream jobs.

1. Video Game Tester – Is your idea of a perfect day getting together with some buddies and playing the latest video game? To score the job of a video game tester, you’ll need to have more than just a passion for playing Halo or Grand Theft Auto. You’ll also need the technical abilities to evaluate games’ design and functionality. If this is the field for you, you can gain the skills you need by attending a trade school offering specialized training in video game animation and development.

2. Tour Guide – Do you love to travel and have a spirit for adventure? If so, your perfect job might be as a professional tour guide. To excel as a tour guide, you’ll need to have excellent hospitality skills as you’ll be spending the majority of your time with tourists who are paying a premium for your services. You’ll also need knowledge of the areas you’re touring and the physical stamina to lead the journey. Wondering how you can get an “in” as a tour guide? Cruise ships, museums, national parks and popular tourist attractions often employ tour guides.

3. Wine Taster – Being a wine taster isn’t about getting free drinks, although that’s often a perk of the job. Professional wine tasters must be able to do more than just enjoy a fine glass of chardonnay. They must be able to describe and evaluate the wine based on flavor, aroma, age and complimentary foods. To gain the necessary expertise to review wine, enthusiasts should pursue training offered at wine academies. It’s also important to possess writing skills in order to create thoughtful reviews of samples. 

4. Movie Critic – Do you fantasize about being the next Roger Ebert? If you’ve got a knack for providing smart commentary and persuading others to share your opinions, the job of a movie critic might be right up your alley. However, it’ll take more than just a passion for popcorn and Goobers to succeed in this field. To become a movie critic who viewers trust, you’ll need a thorough understanding of the film industry, a penchant for critical analysis and sharp writing skills. Entry-level jobs in this field are usually found at local newspapers or radio stations.

5. Personal Shopper – Are you a shopaholic? Does the thought of getting paid to spend a day at designer boutiques sound like a dream come true? Personal shoppers are often employed at upscale retail stores and help customers select items based on their unique styles, budgets and current trends. Some personal shoppers are also employed by individuals, such as celebrities. In this role, they are often referred to as stylists. To succeed in this field, it’s helpful to have a comprehensive understanding of retail and fashion.

What’s your dream job? Share your idea of a perfect job in the comments section below.


  1. Bill Gilbert

    you talk about dream jobs.
    this is a dream job for certian type of person. a specialised tour guide show writter. like IE: a chef cook food travel guide. this can work into a show if you are good, and in the right place at the right time. a lot peaple would like a tour of different cities and the eating establishments. one might include some of the sights to see as well. it has been done, and the right person can succeed again. not everyone gets a TV show, but there is a demand for specialised tour guides.

  2. david s. yeomans

    my dream job would be to create drawings take ones ideas and put them on paper for a company to sell to the public

  3. Mary Flores B. Magno

    I want to be a Personal shopper. I have been a purchasing manager in the company that i was working with.

  4. Shannon

    Thanks for sharing your ideas of your dream jobs. It’s very interesting to see what types of jobs are attractive to different people. Everybody’s dream job differs so much.

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