Daily Archives: July 29, 2008

Broaden Your Job Search. Think Beyond the Internet with These 3 Tips

In the digital age, most people rely on the internet as a primary source to search for a job. Although it’s a great place to start, you don’t have to limit yourself to only searching online job postings. Some companies choose not to post their open positions online. They may prefer to use the local newspaper or word of mouth to find job candidates. So, if you’re looking online for a job and can’t find a position you want, think outside the internet box, and use these three resources to track down job leads.

1. Newspaper classifieds – You may think that posting a job opening in a newspaper is old school, but not all employers post positions online. Some may use the classifieds because they want to limit the opportunity to local job candidates, or they may simply be accustomed to using the newspaper. So don’t forget to check out your local newspaper when you hunt for a job.

2. Staffing agencies – Many offer a wide variety of jobs for different skill levels, qualifications, and industries, and not all of them are just temporary positions. If you’re not sure what type of job you want, or what company to work for, try using a staffing agency. Some provide tests to determine your qualifications and help you find the right fit.

3. Networking – Contact former co-workers, supervisors, or clients and tell them you’re looking for a job. See if they have any open positions or know of any. This can help you land an interview and potentially a job offer when you’re struggling to make a connection with an employer. Because employers value what others have to say about a potential candidate, it’s always good to be on the inside track by having those connections with others.

Sometimes the perfect job isn’t in plain sight, especially if you’re only looking in one place. So, try using these three traditional methods to expand the possibilities of finding the job opening you’ve been hoping for.