4 Tips to Improve your Communication Skills During an Interview

Ever wonder what you sounded like or how you came across in an interview? Do you have a problem with “uhms” and “likes” when you’re trying to get your point across? Although you may know what you’re talking about when you’re explaining your experience and expertise, the person you’re talking to may not understand. If you’re unable to communicate clearly with an interviewer, chances are you aren’t going to impress them. To improve your communication skills for a job interview, try following these four tips below.

1.  Listen. Don’t monopolize the interview with constant chatter. Pay close attention to the interviewer’s pace, and match that style. Remember, you’re there to learn about the company and inform them about what you can offer. If you don’t listen because you’re talking too much, you might just talk yourself right out the door.

2.  Pause. When you’re running out of breath, lost your train of thought, or just need a moment to decide how to answer a tough question, take a moment and pause. This will allow you to gather your thoughts and answer with a well-thought out response.

3.  Rephrase. Don’t be afraid to rephrase the interviewer’s question to make sure you understand what they’re asking. You want to make sure there is no miscommunication, and that you can give the best possible answers to the questions they actually asked.

4.  Refrain. Make sure to stay on task, which is the interview, and refrain from talking about inappropriate topics such as religion, age, race, politics, or sexual orientation. Even if the interviewer makes a comment on a particular topic in passing, don’t add to the conversation or you could find yourself without a job offer. Also, it’s illegal for them to ask and make decisions based on these topics, if you’re asked a question about one of these subjects, simply explain that you’re not comfortable discussing these issues, and move on.

Communication is an essential interviewing skill because it can help you land a job. So, the next time you go on a job interview, remember these tips and feel the confidence of a well-executed interview.


  1. James

    I have an odd question;
    What advise can you offer for a person who after working just over a year at the same job quit without notice? How does one explain that during an interview?

  2. YHK

    Do you have some advice for the speaking part…i mean listening and pausing etc is vital, agreed…but how about throwing some light on how to speak and at what speed…?
    Nice tips!

  3. Jennifer

    YHK – My advice would be to speak slowly and clearly. Remember, nerves play a part in the interview process and that usually causes individuals to stutter and speak at a faster pace. If this is something you experience, then try breathing exercises to help release some of those nervous habits before entering the interview. Also, before you answer questions during an interview, take one big breath before responding. This will allow you to gather your thoughts before speaking and will help you from stammering your words. If you speak quickly on a normal basis, practice speaking slowly before hand with family members or friends. I hope this helps. Thanks for reading.
    Express Job Blogger – Jennifer

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