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Interviewing a Potential Employer – 3 Signs of a Good Boss

If you work fulltime, you might end up spending more time with your co-workers than your family and friends. So, to make sure you’ll end up working with people you like, keep your eyes and ears open as you interview for a new job. Paying close attention to what interviewers say and do, and how they react can help you learn valuable information about them and their personality. Here are three things that can help you decide whether or not you want to work for this employer.

Watch for nonverbal cues – As you answer questions during the interview, watch how the interviewer responds. Try to see if they seem to agree or disagree with your responses, or if they seem bored or intrigued. This can help you decipher if they’re interested in what you have to say, or if they’re in a hurry to get the next word in. Do they really care about what you’re saying, or do they deem only what they say as important? Chances are, the interviewer’s actions will carry over into the workplace. If you don’t feel like they’re really listening to you, you might feel the same way on the job.

Listen to their answers – If you get your chance to ask your potential boss a few questions, listen carefully to how they answer. If they speak positively and excitedly about the company and the position, they’re likely to have that same enthusiasm in the workplace. This is important because a passionate boss can inspire you at work. On the other hand, a negative response could indicate someone who may drag you down.

Pay attention to your feelings – When you’re talking with the interviewer, pay attention to how you feel. Does the interviewer make you feel comfortable, or do they put you on pins and needles? If your potential boss engages in small talk during the interview, this might indicate that they want to get to know the people they’re going to work with. On the other hand, if they just get straight to business and skip over any chatting, this shows that they might focus on the job and concentrate less on building relationships with their employees. Make sure you know which personality you’d prefer to work with.

When you step into an interview, you’re not the only one making a first impression. So, pay attention to what goes on in the interview to make sure that you find the right fit. When you enjoy visiting with the people you meet during your interview, you’re more likely to get along with them during a long workweek.