How to Handle an Interview After You’ve Been Fired!

Getting fired from a job doesn’t have to be a bad thing – look at it as a chance to start over. But, how do you start over with a new job with the looming question “why did you leave your last job?” lurking around the corner at every job interview? The question is most likely to be asked by most interviewers, so instead of dreading the inevitable, prepare yourself for the question and ace the interview.

To help you get through the unavoidable question of why you were fired, try these tips below.

Practice. Figure out how to respond to the question, and practice it over and over again until you’re confident with your answer. A good example of something to say is, “My previous employer and I agreed that the position and company wasn’t a good fit for me, so I took time to figure out the kind of company I would like to work for and here I am.”

Don’t lie. No matter what the circumstances were for your departure at your previous company, don’t lie to your prospective employer. Most companies conduct background checks and call references. So, if you lie to them about your last job, chances are they’re going to find out. So, tell the truth but keep it brief. You don’t have to go into every last detail.

Don’t hate. Again, no matter how much you dislike your ex-boss, don’t take the opportunity to bash your previous employer during the interview. Be very brief in your explanation as to why you are no longer employed and keep the negative circumstances and name calling out of the conversation.

Being fired is a bitter pill to swallow, but you need to accept it and move on, or you’re going to find yourself in a slump without a job. Most people have been fired one time or another, so don’t take it personally. Learn from the incident, follow these tips, and then get yourself right back out there and back into a new job!

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