Job Burnout: Part 1 – Defining Job Burnout

The alarm rings again, and you fight to not hit snooze one more time. You’re dreading another day doing the same old thing at the same old job. Have you been finding it harder and harder to drag yourself out of bed and have the energy to go to work? At some point, most people – in every level of a company from a receptionist to a CEO or owner – find themselves victims of job burnout.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines burnout as “exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.”

The term job burnout is described as an emotional burnout experienced in a job or career-path. Sufferers of job burnout can experience chronic anxiety, depression, prolonged stress, lack of motivation, and/or hopelessness – among other serious problems. It’s important to deal with job burnout not just because of your personal happiness, but for your career and financial future as well.

Are you headed for job burnout?  The next post can help you determine if you should be alarmed.


  1. dailydiva

    I am in an entry level position and I am so anxious to move forward… but upper management is against it and keeps prolonging any opportunities that would place me in a respectful light with the company. I feel like I’m begging for feedback from them… my supervisor hates me because I’m a woman and that’s obvious – I’m trying to do the best that I can with little to no instruction on HOW to actually do my job, but when I make a mistake I’m chewed out about it… So… yeah… I am experiencing the burnout daily.

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