Workplace Goofs

Everyone has done or said something at work at one point that has either made them laugh out loud or turn red from embarrassment. Have you fallen down the stairs in front of your CEO, walked out of the bathroom with tissue stuck to your shoe, or accidentally eaten someone else’s lunch? Or know someone who has? How did you react? We want to hear your stories, so share your or your co-worker’s workplace blunders with us in the comments section below. Then, we’ll feature the top five comments in a future blog post with tips on how to handle the situation.


  1. s parent

    I dressed for the day, almost in the dark: (my husbond was still sleeping). I traveled the 30 minutes to work & as I stepped Out of the car, I saw (to my horror) I had on one blue pump and one black one! LOL
    You gotta laugh at your self, or who can you laugh at???
    or if you do not identify with that: the day I had my pull over shell-top on wrong side out & the friend that wanted to tuck in my tag & I all most….p’ed our pants laughing so hard! Then Everyone wanted to KNOW what was so dang funny!!!!

  2. Julie O'Malley

    My friend recently told me the story of a colleague in a meeting who was absent-mindedly “scratching” his face with the end of his marker, thinking the cap was on it. They all struggled to keep a straight face as he scribbled all over his cheek in indelible Sharpie ink.

  3. Polly Welch

    One Saturday, I came in to cover some things with my boss. The office is very quite on Saturdays and we have a skeleton crew. When I got to his office, there was a strange man visiting with him. The man was scruffy looking with curly, unkempt hair and he had some homemade looking tattoos on his hands. I walked out to the front and asked a co-worker “Who is that ‘Charlie Manson’ looking dude in bosses office?” A new employee who was working in the back “prairie dogged” and said “That’s my husband”. All I could think was I need to insert my foot in my mouth right now. I thought about trying to explain my comparison, but decided I would just be digging my hole deeper, so I left her with a simple apology, delivered with a beet red face.

  4. Shawna Cartwright

    When I was working as a telephone reservation agent I asked the customer for his credit card number and proceeded to input the information into the computer. I then asked the customer for the name on the card and the customer replied “Capital One”…I was laughing so hard I had to put the cutomer on hold until I stopped laughing.

  5. Shannon | Express Job Blogger

    Thanks for sharing your stories! What we’ve learned so far is to not get dressed in the dark, don’t scratch our face with a pen or marker, watch what we say and to who, and sometimes you just have to laugh.

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