Daily Archives: October 1, 2008

How Sick Have You Gone to Work?

Imagine you wake up late, sore, hot, and with a scratchy throat. It’s all you can do to drag yourself out of bed, brush your teeth, and make it to work on time. But should you?

As cold and flu season begins, the topic of whether or not to stay home from work doesn’t always get as much discussion as it should. Every person responds differently to illnesses, but it’s often a first impulse to push through the fatigue and discomfort illness can bring. That’s why many sick workers avoid taking a day off or using sick or PTO days for recovery.

But, physicians say that staying home when you’re really sick not only leads to a speedier recovery in most cases, it also helps keep illness from spreading. So, for the sake of yourself – and others! – check out these guidelines to find out if you’re too sick to go to work.

Curious if you’ve gone to work too sick for your own good? Check your answer here. Have a story about yourself or someone else working sick? Share your tales in the comments below.