Daily Archives: October 27, 2008

3 Reasons Not to Waste Your Time Applying for Just Any Job

When employers are looking to fill a position, they want to hire a person who shows talent, enthusiasm, and dedication. If you can’t convey any of that in your résumé or during your interview, you’re not likely to get the job. Here are three reasons not to waste your time or the employer’s by applying for a job you don’t truly want.

You won’t give your all. When you’re unsure of whether you want a specific job or if you’re just interested in the position for its income, you probably won’t put forth the effort it takes to land a job. Decide whether or not you want the job first. Then, only apply for those you want to invest time into seeking out. It’s OK if you decide you don’t want a job after you’ve interviewed, but realize that your time is one of your most valuable resources in your job search, and wisely invest in it accordingly.

Employers will notice. When you’re apathetic toward a job opportunity, your lack of interest is noticeable to employers during your interview, and employers don’t want to hire lackluster candidates – even those who are fully qualified. If you act like you’re wasting your time in an interview, the employer may assume you’d be no different on the job.

You’ll miss the right opportunity. If you spend your time applying for jobs you don’t really want, you won’t be able to give the proper time and attention to the job opportunities that really interest you, and the perfect job just might slip through your grasp. Focus on getting the job you really want, and employers will take notice of your talent and determination.

If you’re unmoved by a job opportunity, you’re unlikely to land a job offer. Even if you do, chances are, you won’t be any more excited once you begin the position. So, do yourself and potential employer a favor by carefully selecting which jobs you want to apply for and you’ll be better equipped to land a job you truly love.