3 Tips for Interviewing While Still Employed

If you’re like many other workers, you’ve probably started looking for a new job opportunity while still employed, although it wasn’t something you announced to your co-workers or supervisor. It can be tricky trying to schedule interviews around your work schedule without sharing too much information or being disrespectful. Here are three ways to help you schedule job interviews while showing respect to your current employer.

1. Schedule on your own time. The most obvious way to plan an interview, yet not always the easiest, is to schedule it on your own time away from work. Explain to your potential employer that you’re still employed and would prefer an interview time before or after your work hours, or on your lunch break. They’ll understand that you’re being respectful toward your current employer, and will appreciate your courtesy.

2. Request time off. If the hiring employer has a set time for interviews and is unable to accommodate a special request, you might have to interview during work hours. In this case, request time off from your current employer ahead of time instead of calling in sick the day of. Use your paid time off or ask to make up your missed hours at another time, explaining that you have an important appointment to attend and tried to schedule it outside of work hours but was unable to. And, keep your co-workers in mind and avoid scheduling your interview during team meetings, near deadlines, or when your co-workers need you most.

3. Keep it to yourself. There’s no need to divulge this type of information to your supervisor or co-workers. If you tell your current employer that you’re headed to an interview, they can deny your request for time off or even ask you to clean out your desk. Simply share that you have an appointment to attend and leave it at that. Don’t elaborate or construct a lie. You can also ask your potential employer for confidentiality and to not contact your current employer.

Many others have successfully interviewed while still employed, and you can, too. Use these tips to plan your interviews accordingly and your interview just might turn into the job you’ve been waiting for. Good luck in your job search!

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