Chuck vs. the Professional Crossroad

In the season two premiere of NBC’s Chuck, full-time computer technician Chuck Bartowski is finally offered the assistant manager position his family and friends thought he’d been hoping for. But, the events leading Chuck to become a super-secret, super-nerdy version of 007 also lead him to realize his full potential. His fellow spies tell him that his skills could help him be successful at whatever he wishes, but he feels that taking the promotion would be one step closer toward a dead end. Unlike Chuck, you don’t have to wait for a government super computer to download to your brain for you to reconsider your career goals. If your current job isn’t taking you where you want to go, check out these tips?

Reevaluate Your Goals
Over time, priorities and circumstances change. What you want as a recent college graduate might change when you start a family. Volunteer efforts might lead you to discover another more fulfilling and refreshing vocation. If your goals have changed, there’s no reason to dedicate your hard work to something you no longer want. So it’s important to occasionally re-evaluate your career and life aspirations to make necessary changes so you’ll be fulfilled and successful.

Consider Different Career Options
After you assess your career goals and find out that your current job can’t get you where you want to go, it’s time to rethink your career options. If you find a more rewarding calling, what is keeping you from making the career change? If the job change is constantly on your mind, make a conscious effort to do more research and see if you really want a career change or just a change of pace from your current duties. If you’re just looking for a way out of where you’re working, you may simply be experiencing job burnout, and could revitalize you with a new job in the same field.

When coming to a professional crossroad, remember to take all things into consideration before making a move. With today’s unemployment rate, a job search could take several months. So, make sure you carefully consider all your options, and what you’re willing to do to make a change.

Have you been considering a career change? What are some of the factors holding you back?

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