Weathering the Winter Blues

As the daylight grows shorter with the arrival of winter, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects many people around the world. And, depending how far you live from the equator can determine the degree of symptoms you can develop. Symptoms of SAD include sleep problems, overeating, depression, lethargy, and social awkwardness which all stem from the lack of bright light in the winter months.

Even if you don’t experience all of these symptoms, chances are, this time of year has you feeling a little less motivated to run errands, engage in extra-curricular activities, or even go to work. With the cold winter months approaching and the memories of long summer days fading, people have to fight a little bit harder to combat the winter blues.

To help you get through the winter months, try these tips below.

Exercise. Even if it’s only a few days a week, get out there and be active for at least 30 minutes. Exercising boosts energy levels and releases endorphins that make you happy. So, join a gym, stretch at your desk, or jog in place in front of the television to help fight the cold weather blues.

Eat Healthy. It’s important to be conscious about your eating habits all year round, but during the winter months, eating healthy can drastically improve your mental health. Try increasing your fresh fruit and vegetable intake as well as taking vitamins. Cut down on coffee and soda pops, and drink more water to flush out toxins.

Get Out. Not everyone may be able to, but if you can, take a vacation to a warm, sunny place. Just getting out of the winter places for a few days can give you just what you need to make it through the winter months. If you can’t travel to a warmer climate, spend more time outdoors to absorb the benefits of sunshine or read a book that takes place somewhere tropical.

The cold season can be hard to handle, especially if you’re a spring or summer person, but you can avoid SAD symptoms and create your own sunny outlook to last throughout the winter months.


  1. Shannon | Express Job Blogger

    Great blog, Jennifer! I always feel more sluggish during the cold wintry months, so I’m going to try out your tips to fight the winter blues.

  2. Louisa Evans

    This is a nice introductory article- thank you. We’re doing a light-hearted, ‘just for interest’s sake’ poll on TalPerfection- a new beauty and well-being site you might be interested in.
    What about those special lamps you can get? I’m definitely thinking of investing in one but have no idea about where to get one from.

  3. Jennifer

    Louisa – I read about those sun lamps when I was researching for this blog… I believe you can get them at WalMart. Thanks for reading.

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