Daily Archives: November 21, 2008

3 Industries With Staying Power

With new technology in an ever evolving world, there are times when some jobs are in higher demand than others. But, even with all this change, there are some careers that never stop being in demand and are certain to stand the test of time.

Health Care. Whatever career choice you decide to go after in this industry is surely to have staying power throughout time. These occupations pay pretty well, too. As long as there are people getting sick, needing checkups, and requiring life-saving surgeries, there’s going to be a need for professional health care. Nurses, doctors, and surgeons are just a few career choices in this vast industry with median salaries spanning from $57,280 for nurses to $156,010 and up for doctors. Not sure you want to spend years in school to be a surgeon? Physical therapists, physician assistants, and X-ray technicians make good money and don’t have to spend as much time in the classroom.

Education. Teachers, professors, and school administrators will be here as long as people continue to have children and simply seek knowledge. Depending on grade level and specialized fields such as math, science, and bilingual education, teachers can expect median salaries around $43,580 and up, and may find landing a job is a little easier than other careers. College instructors can make $56,120 and up, and with the increase in college enrollment, finding a career as a professor at a university or local community college is more attainable than in past decades.

Civil Service. As long as there is crime and fire, police officers, detectives, and firefighters are here to stay. And, if you like helping others and keeping your community safe, then finding a career in this industry should be no problem. The median salary for a police officer is $47,460 and detectives average $69,310 a year. This industry is a good choice for individuals who want stability, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, layoffs in this industry are rare.

So, whether you’re just beginning your career search or thinking about making a change, check out these industries to find jobs that have staying power and offer a nice paycheck.