Are Lower Gas Prices Having Any Impact?

gas prices and jobsDuring the summer, increasing fuel cost increases seemed to be a daily occurrence. It often felt like there was no end in sight. But, gas prices have steadily fallen every day since Sept. 17, according to CNN, and fuel costs haven’t been this low since August 2005.

An August 2008 survey showed that 35% of workers changed their commute and driving habits due to increased fuel costs this past summer. But, cooling weather might make it difficult to ride your bike to work this time of year, and holiday expenses are just around the corner.

We want to know how lower gas prices are affecting your driving habits. Are you still concerned with finding a job close to home? Does a longer drive for a new job seem more manageable now? Is this newly found relief in gas prices having any effect on your commute or job search? Or are those costs just being diverted elsewhere? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. Shannon | Express Job Blogger

    I have definitely noticed paying a considerable amount less each time I fill up my tank, but haven’t changed my driving habits. I’ve started saving the extra cash for Christmas shopping.

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